Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

Surrogate blogger melly checking in for Camilla. She called me earlier this evening and told me to work some computer magic and put a 'Cami is here' sort of arrow on this picture. I got 'rotunda' and 'it's ok if you can only find a picture with snow, there's a ton of it here!' Well, if you know me, you know I only half listen to the stuff that spews from her mouth (sorry Cam) but I did get this much - Cami isn't a Hotel 8 sort of gal. Check out her new (albeit temporary) digs:This is the lovely Hotel Chequamegon (you did spell it right, Cami!) overlooking Lake Superior. Which tells me she'll wake to the sounds of seagulls in the morning. At least there is a lounge in the basement with adult type beverages. 'Thirsty Thursday' indeed. I'm thinking they're going to have to drag 'Boris' and Clementine up the stairs to their room after spending nine hours in the Suburban with the whole Becher Brood today. At one point I'm afraid Cami was giving truck driving lessons as the F word came from her lips no less than seven times in under a minute. I told a mutual friend, "I wouldn't even want to pile five kids in the car to go to the grocery store!" How she's doing this whole trek to the top of the country thing is beyond me. And no yarn stores today. Oy.

If you need pictures of knitting, hop over to my place for some lovely magic looping. I've got some serious mad skillz.

Hurry home, Cami! I miss you!


LotusKnits said...

What a pretty hotel! I'm so jealous. Not of the 5 kids though.

Jaye said...

Well, sorry, my business partner is in IN, but can't stop at Clementine's because it is nowhere near where her dad lives! Sorry. I was sooooo looking forward to having someone tha I know meet you. Not to mention the sales pitch. ;-) Another time.