Monday, March 17, 2008

Ode to a suitcase

The bits and bobs of daily life you hold with great finesse,
the pieces of my sanity nestled amongst the underpants.

When uprooting one's life should you envisage,
try to account for all of the baggage.

Should tempers and nostrils begin to flare... well, it just gets more pathetic as the verses go on. There are loads of rhymes for flare, but it's nearly midnight and I'm trying to get a jump on my "pre-posting".

Obviously Sunday's post was created in a state of frustration. Today I'm trying to be an oasis of calm. Hopefully lots of things will get done today. I type "today" as it's almost midnight, the cat is stalking me, and the mister has to be up for work in four hours, so really, the day has started before it's ended. I'd made a solemn promise to go to sleep the same day I woke up, but you can see the flaw in that plan. Timing issues. Waking up the same day you go to sleep isn't quite the same restful plan. Unless you're a Goth Chick who craves deep shadows under her eyes. I have those now, too. The next wave of allergy season is upon us. Soon I'll be drowning in my neti pot. That thing really does work, btw. Plus it has the added cache of totally creeping my kids out. It's the only 'alone time' I get in the bathroom.

Today is the last day home. I have plans to grab lunch out with the kids and one (or two?) of muh knittas, shop for the perfect eyeglass frames (smart, cute, and not too nerdy) and those elusive undergarments for the whole kid-caboodle, and sort out my knitting for the trip. I've started corn socks for one of the grandmas. As she was a farmer's wife, who helped run the shelling business as well for close to fifty years, I expect she'll get a kick out of "Maizy" socks. Type at y'all latah. C


Stephanie said...

Good luck on the travels. You are a much braver woman than I am.

Neti pot huh? I have been thinking of getting one of those every year around this time. Guess I should jump on the bandwagon of nose washers huh? But hey...if it's worth it!

Anonymous said...

Calm (ohhmmmm) sounds good - I thought you were going to blow a gasket there.
I don't have a "neti pot" I just have the Walgreens nasal rinse bottle, but I've used mine for 3 years now and it works wonders. It just amazes me that some people (daughters & husband) can't get a grip on them, but when they get way more sinus headaches than I do, I just sort of silently grin.
Thinking positive thoughts for your vacation adventure. Remember ohhmmmm, ohhmmm...

gaylen said...

I so wouldn't want to be you right now. There isn't enough knitting in the world to make traveling with 5 kids anything less than frantic. I would be bald by the time we reached our destination - or have poked my eyes and ears out with those sharp pointy little sticks! g

Annalea said...

We just don't travel much with the kids right now. Our last trip down to Utah took nearly 18 hours . . . and that's an 11-hour drive for adults. AUUUUUUGHHHRRRRRRAUUUUGH!

Hopefully our next obligatory trip to see family doesn't take so very, very darn long. (We're NOT taking a port-a-potty next time! It sounded like such a good idea, but it became a serious delay tool for the last four hours.)

Best of luck, and here's to knitting's calming influence while you drive.

Oh, and do you have personal listening devices for the kids? My mom said the best trip ever was when she got us all little walkman's and made up tapes for us to listen to. Weird Al Yankovich, mostly . . . but we were the quietest and happiest on that 12-hour drive. ;o)

Monitor de LCD said...
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Dragonfly said...

Sending calm thoughts to you. Hoping I'll still see you and that you got the new cell phone number!

Jaye said...

I am sending my business partner/friend to your shop over Easter. She is going to visit her dad in IN - somewhere. I hope you are there and not in the back of beyond. While she is there, I told her to try and convince you to let us finish your website for you. ;-) We give small business discounts as well as prepayment discounts. This is not spam. I just feel sorry for you for 10 hours in the Suburban. Stop at Judy Martin's if you go by Grinnell.