Sunday, March 30, 2008

Das Loot

From Ruhama's, above: "Jitterbug'' from Colinette Yarns. Can't seem to get the darn pic to publish... I'm staring at an ex'ed out little box. It's pretty, though. Very different from my usual palette. This could signal a major personality shift. Need more proof? Check out the new stash of Malabrigo...
Need I say more? Of course, some of the items that jumped into my arms were in my 'comfort colors' of reds, pinks, corals, and (oddly I am just realizing it) yellows and golds. Check out the pretty flower buttons. I bought every one Ruhama's had. Eighteen of them. I have no idea what to do with them, but it's sure fun to dump them out and play with them.
Tommorrow's post will happen later today. I have plans to show you the new "Midwest Modern" fabrics from Amy Butler that now are on display here at the shop. Also, I was apparently drunk or on fire when the Rowan rep "helped" me order the spring yarns, and now I'm finding myself drowning in Purelife organic cotton. If you are nearby, please come grab an armload to take with you, or if you'd like to knit up some bibs... call me. I mean it. There's a ton of this stuff. Latah, knittahs. C
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hkennon said...

Cami, is that purple in the Jitterbug cakes??? :-)

knitter in the desert said...

I really want my own Vinca....all very pretty yarn-bright and cheerful!

melly~ said...

i do hope you're planning a wonderful hand-knit gift in the green malabrigo for your super freak, melly.
i. NEED. it.

Dragonfly said...

I can't believe how much more malabrigo you bought! These are really super pretty beautiful posts. I need to figure out how to get truer colors when I take yarn pictures.

catching up on reading. blocked blogs at work and now I'm all messed up