Sunday, March 2, 2008

You are too kind... all of you.

Thanks for the nice comments on my wordless post. I wasn't being lazier than usual, but yesterday was a busy day, and upon returning home, I slipped into some sort of coma. Tonight is early-to-bed night at Becher Haus, as Herr Becher has to crawl out of his slumber at four in the morning. I know. It sucks to be him. My big plans are to sit in front of the telly, drinking decaf iced tea, watching season one of "Dexter" and waiting for Eli to pass out. I will also be knitting on a sock, most likely. Possibly I will also be designing little lady clothes, as I went to the Matilda Jane trunk show this evening and they have almost nothing in my daughters' sizes. It dries up after a size eight (though they claim to go to ten... ha!), which is Lilly's "now" size. I'm thinking of buying a serger, even though I know zilch about garment constrution. Any helpful advice on makes/models of machine to get are appreciated much. I will botch the whole mission, if left to my own devices, and anything that uses four (or more) spools of thread at a time is, in my opinion, not to be trusted. I'm feeling a little run-on-y tonight.

I'm thinking lately about walking. Just thinking about it (geeze, Melly, stop hyper-ventilating)... like I'd ever exercise on purpose. I did walk over to the toy shop for the 'fashion show', but as it's a total of a block and a half, I didn't think it counted. I couldn't have gotten a better parking space, anyway. Gaylen's post about getting back on the healthy-wagon has me pondering what to do about my post-cesarean belly flop, made worse by having three more kids after the two c-sections, and a healthy appetite for unhealthy food. Gastric by-pass would render me bald with poor skin tone, those alli tablets are singularly unpleasant for innocent by-standers, and that pretty much leaves me with... having to be a grown-up. The kind of person who eats salads for dinner, takes the dog for a drag, and doesn't eat a bag of Reisens while knitting a scarf. I do not currently fit that profile. Just pondering. Not commiting to anything yet, and drastic changes never stick. I'm seeking inner-motivation that will really work. Perhaps an Audi Q7, if I lose the poundage? It makes my heart go pitty-pat. I wanty one sooo bad. Hmmm, I'd have to sell one of the kids to get one... or sell the house... but can you just imagine? I almost wet my pants when I saw it. That's the kind of bribery it takes to motivate me. I think I'll just wear my big-girl panties awhile longer, whilst plotting to commandeer an Audi showroom when (not if) those pretty babies are finally for sale in the U.S. market. Hmmm.


Robin said...

Honey, that car doesn't do much for looks like an over-grown vehicle from "Cars" (even though I've never seen the movie all the way through). I used to have a taste for other luxury cars, but life and priorities change. Hey...I think the walking thing sounds great - when I could, that was my exercise of choice - and where you live it would be great. I think the eating healthier thing would be nice also - I'm not one to turn away chocolate usually, but we do eat alot of crap in the shop. Let's talk about it, nothing to loose but our middle and behind.
Toodles till Weds...Rob

gaylen said...

I'm getting up tomorrow at 5:15ish and heading to the treadmill. For me, excercise HAS to happen first thing in the morning. It somehow makes me take better care of myself the rest of the day. Without turning my blog into a WW blog - I'll keep everyone updated. g

Stephanie said...

Kyrin and I have decided to restart out diet you know what that means right? Cheese cake and barley wine tonight! WOOHOO!!! I'm totally going to regret it tomorrow when I start the evil detoxing off of sugar phase. Ewww. I'll let you know how I'm doing (or suffering) soon :) Love ya sista!

Thimbleanna said...

Now, that's some serious motivation! I feel your diet pain -- my stupid diet isn't doing a damn thing for me -- I've only lost 5 lbs. and I feel like I've been starving for 2 months. I REALLY miss cookies and cupcakes -- why, oh why, can't we just eat them all the time? Exercise would be a rather drastic step -- maybe I'll soon be desperate enough to consider it though -- I'll do it if you will LOL!!!

Wow -- you've got Matilda Jane huh? She's one very cool motivated and talented girl -- she used to have an ADORABLE gift shop here in FW -- she's an awesome decorative painter -- very hip stuff. Her hubby had both of my boys in his HS math classes.

As for a serger -- I LURVE my serger. Makes clothing construction tons faster. I have a Viking, but then I'm a DIE-hard viking fan. I've heard good things about the babylock I think it is -- it has an air threading system. The threading is the worst part about sergers, imho, until you get used to it. Good Luck -- sure wish I lived closer -- we'd be making your cherubs all kinds of cute clothes with all that fab fabric you have -- clothing is my favorite thing to do -- it's instant gratification!!!

Dragonfly said...

you sound like you are kind of where I am. Know I should probably do something, but not willing yet to commit to it. My problem with exercise is that I don't get great amounts of time to myself as it is, and when I do I think "hmmm... knit, read or exercise" and then I laugh heartily at the exercise and narrow it down to knitting or reading. When I used to exercise it was more to get time to myself than for health reasons.

I am trying to make a few healthier choices... like only getting the incredibly yummy fries at work once a week instead of daily.

Annalea said...

I LOVE my Huskylock (it's a Viking). I have the "basic" 905, but it's a serious workhorse, and makes my sewing machine feel soooooo slow. (I have an oldish Viking Sew Easy--the last "regular" machine before you had to go electronic).

You'll never go wrong with a Viking . . . and when I was doing research for my serger, I read all kinds of reviews from mamas who make cloth diapers (which is seriously intensive serger work), and the Viking was the hands-down winner.

As for getting healthier, I'm not going to clog your comments with that info. ;o) I'll go do a special-request blog post just for you, Cami dear. It has been a while since I posted something of that sort, anyway. Just remember--eating heathier makes you FEEL better. And getting rid of some of the chemicals in your diet could reduce your need for meds, too.

Have a great one!!!