Friday, March 7, 2008

Knits & Pieces

I braved the sleet to find myself alone. Not a soul has darkened the doorway all day long. It's now almost two-thiry, the snow is still falling, and I've done all my paperwork for the day. Time to play with these blocks. Granted they don't look like much now, but they're embryonic 'pineapple' blocks. Down here you can see them with some random socks/yarn I had to burp from the knitting bag to get to the quilt blocks. I really need to organize that particular black hole.

Down here you'll see the new "Circus" fabric from Felicity Miller. I didn't get the whole collection, and of the six bolts I ordered, only five have arrived. Isn't it so darling and retro? I heart it.

The yellow fabrics are shot through with brighter pink/fushia, where the ivory fabrics are pale pink and orange. The aqua and lime coordinate fabrics are sweet and mix happily with either colorway. Once the micro-dots get here, I plan on making a sample quilt using the Lakehouse green/aqua dots with these newest additions to my weird cloth menagerie.

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Annalea said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful photos, Cami. I love that red/pinkish sock yarn (the lighting is bad this time of day, so I can't exactly tell . . . ). Do tell me what it is, wouldn't you? ;o)

Thimbleanna said...

This new improved photo you is awesome! Can't wait to see the finished quilt that those blocks will become and that circus fabric is adorable!

Stephanie said...

Oh. My. God. I totally less than three that fabric. Your quilt is killer awesome too. I am such a super for bright color these days. Orange being only second to the lime green right now. But GAH! That circus fabric...I love vintage-y looking ones. and it is totally cute. How can you stand it? Working with all that cutness and colors? I think I would go insane and be cutting up all the fabrics for myself and never sell any at all LOL.