Monday, March 3, 2008

The day's loot

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Nothing much to blog about today. I had a handful of coupons for the big box sewing store, so these books came home with us. Apparently Madeleine is taking up cr*ch*t, as she is terribly fond of the amigurumi 'creatures'. I've ordered in a good supply of hooks, in case this is more than a temporary fad. Of course, I thought fun fur scarves couldn't last long, but oh, my how those novice knitters resist moving on to bigger (or, as with socks, smaller) and better things.

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I also laid the quilt blocks out on the bed. I am not impressed with the color play in the "turning twenty" quilt. At this point I could either turn it into a few baby quilts, or forge on, and stitch it together as a full/queen size top to mail to my quilter. Ack. To take the edge off the big quilt dilemma, I've sliced up some of my Lakehouse mini dots and some Amy Butler seed dots and am constructing a baby quilt. The prominent color is pure, unadulterated orange. I'm calling it "petit l'orange" ... the seed dot fabric background is "duck-egg", but "duck l'orange" seemed like a mean name for a baby blanket.
Must go chase the children to their toothbrushes now. Latah, knittas.


Thimbleanna said...

You're hysterical Cami. Love those fabrics. I'm going to be on the lookout for a duck l'orange baby -- I'm pretty sure I've seen them before LOL!

Stephanie said...

Ohh....I am totally going to get the hang of the crochet thing. The calls to me. Dammit. Another craft. Just shoot me now.