Friday, March 28, 2008

The last of the run-down

Blogga-saga, part deux.
The 'in a nutshell' version is that I tortured my husband and five children for the sole purpose of trying to catch a glimpse of my grandmother. In the two days of our "visit" she had not one lucid moment where she recognized me or the kids. She was even heard whispering to the Crazy Aunt "who are those people?" and I heard Crazy Aunt reply "your first grandchild and her babies. All those pretty babies are your great-grandchildren." Yep. 'Boris' hit it on the head when he stated, as we piled into the truck, "your gran is all gone." I believe you are correct, sir.

Other aspects of the trip can't be discussed without my needing anesthesia, so we'll leave it at that for now. I keep thinking of the "I Am" post I want to do, but it would turn out to be a poison-pen letter if I had my go at it today.

In other news, I have in fact lost the camera cord, though it can't have gone far. I suspect the naughty Siamese dragged it about while home alone for those many days. I was stunned to see she hadn't flipped the computer off the desk, actually. Bit of a psycho, that one.

Lastly, today, if you are a fabriholic, please join me in saving Ann. She is hotly in pursuit of the new "Drawing Room" fabrics from Anna Maria Horner, and may in fact explode if she doesn't get her hands on some soon. I need to prioritize a purchase list, as these were all printed on home-dec weight fabric, which doubles my cost. I'd planned on ordering the whole caboodle, but with sales down this season, the knot is tied in the rope and we're hanging on. Also, if anyone has a 'fill-in-the-blanks' business plan I can drag into a bank, e-mail me. There are no brain cells left for another "creative writing assignment"... I've been trying to articulate Clementine's for the web pages Ann is designing. (I lurve her crafty-goodness.)

It's well into the evening now, and I need to chase all the kids through the shower, car-wash style, and then hold Eli till he passes out, then type up said blurbs for web site and get them to Miss Crafty Ann before she tears my ears off. I know I'll be seeing her tomorrow... she just found out all the new Amy Butler fabric has arrived. Type at y'all latah. C

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