Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Tomorrow's post"

Here's a color-sampling of the naturally-dyed, organic cotton glut that the shop is drowning in... good colors, but they won't leave... help.

This photo just begged to be let back onto the blog. The perma-cast gray skies actually gave good light for the photo. Now if I could just twitch my nose, nod my head, and magic a tote bag out of the one on the far left. (I told you my 'colors' are off-kilter... )

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I have my county assessor's forms to get filled out tonight/tomorrow, which is why there won't be a post for the 31st. Try and have a pleasant day without me. Tuesday is knit-night. I will so need that. More later... C


LotusKnits said...

I can help you get rid of the organic cotton. And a couple of yards of ANY of that fabric, if necessary. I can't sew, but I can drool.

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