Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Compare and Contrast

Miss Caroline came in with a really big goodie Wednesday (as I type this it's nearly midnight, so I'd better use proper nouns, or risk confusing my future-self). This quilt only has three fabrics in it. I know. The two Asian fabrics are from Blank Quilting (the 'Yoshiko' collection), and the bold yellow is from Lakehouse Dry Goods. Kaleidoscopes have been on my brain for weeks now, and this choice for a "sample quilt" just couldn't be any more fabulous. All hail the Caroline and her magic quilts!

In stark contrast to the complicated and absolutely brilliant quilt above, here below I give you "the waiting rag". Yes, it is of un-pedigreed cotton from a local JoAnn's, as are the *cough*Clover*cough* needles, but it was two hours of fruitful twiddling. (I customized the tops with red nail lacquer... snappy, eh?)

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#1 Son is perfectly fine, btw, and not the least disturbed about the pending "root-canal redux". I, on the other hand, will have to remember to bring a better class of knitting... perhaps the latest version of the Clap? (Hint: it's butter-yellow, and half silk. Yum!)


gaylen said...

Love that quilt! And the pretty hussied up bamboo needles. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do girl! g

carol fun said...

I love the quilt - stack n whack is one of my favorite techniques and the yellow background just makes me smile -- love your blog and glad to hear your son is doing fine (or at least better than his mom - been there, done that - drs. make me crazy!!)

carol fun

Thimbleanna said...

Only three quilts??? Very Impressive! I thought if you had the clap once you couldn't get it again???