Friday, September 19, 2008

Fiber therapy

Friends don't let friends dye drunk on their pain meds. These were a slight diversion in the haze of my day. As a first-time dyer with Wilton paste colors, I can assure you there are things I will do differently next time; soak the wool in vinegar longer, pre-dye the wool the lightest shade before painting on the deeper accent colors, and possibly, avoid making yarn that looks like pink and chocolate dalmations. Skein #3 is not for public display... Herr Becher has already claimed it for socks.
Oh, it seems it's time for my jello and medications. Still sore, whiny, and the whole "not talking" thing may kill me, but today was ever so slightly better than yesterday. Perhaps tomorrow I can ditch the ice-collar entirely. Miss you all. Commence mocking the yarn at will... it totally deserves it.
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Rachelle said...

I really like the blue/green one!

The pink one is different, but still pretty cool! It's like pink leopard print - you can knit socks for cougars!

Stephanie said...

Reskein them. You'd be amazed at what reskeining does for yarn barf looking skeins. Ask me how I know :) Just because they are speckled doesn't mean they won't knit up beautifully in shouldn't get any pooling at all with the way you've layed the dyes on there :) Good job!

Tam said...

I second both of the previous comments! I really like the blue green combo best but the pink one will probably, actually have a more interest pattern to it in the finished item. I'd happily knit with either of those hanks of yarn. I have done a lot of Koolaid dying and you will be pleasantly surprised at how a spotty "ugly duckling" like that pink skein will knit up into a gorgeous "swan".

Thimbleanna said...

Hmmm. What does reskein mean?

You're a funny girl. No talking? Good darn thing for blogs, eh????

gaylen said...

Well- if you gift a girl a hank of pink dalmation yarn, does she have to knit a sweater for a dog? I think they loook good, but once they are either re-skeinedo or caked they will look different.

If was good to talk with you today. Sorry it was so painful. g

veedogknitter said...

Wait! What? You can DYE with Wilton paste? I do not have to use the very scary read-the-instructions-or-you-might-DIE RID dye?
Yes, can you tell i have never dyed anything before?