Monday, September 15, 2008

The Juice is Back On

Of all the trees in the yard, it had to be the one with the bluebird house on it that blew over last night. I really wanted to keep up my posts, but last night's power outage lasted until after four this morning. I'm really pleased about having the generator, and it was still running the essentials on one tank of gas when 'Boris' got up (yes, at four...ugh) for work. The previous night we had constant power interruptions; just enough to make posting impossible. Aside from the hickory tree, there are just armloads of sticks to be gathered up. Enough for a Halloween bonfire, I'd say. Not a terrible development from two nights of hella windy/stormy weather.

Another Becher Haus Mystery has been solved. Just when I thought I was losing my marbles, or possibly developing some rare and exotic food allergy (allergic to Weight Watchers "ice cream" bars?), along comes photographic evidence to explain the hives I get daily after my shower. Nothing like a little cat dander in the morning, with itchy welts you get to wear all day. She's turrble cute, though.

Tomorrow is my big day. Goodbye, tonsils. I won't miss you, you stinky, gross things. I've loaded the freezer with popsicles and am hoping the man will take me out after my weigh-in this evening. Sort of a 'last supper' thing. I may require steak. Medicinal purposes, you know. C
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gaylen said...

You'll be fine. I'm sending love. I could go get you some hot chocolate bars . . .


Thimbleanna said...

Good Luck Tomorrow Cami!!! Big Big Hugssss!!!!!! XOXO!

Stephanie said...

Good luck! I think steak is definitely in order. I am weak. I am tired. I am my dieting has SUCKED. I can't wait to hear about how well you do and hopefully get reinspired to start mine as well.