Monday, September 29, 2008

Just Random Stuff

Two bank loans have been secured, the dishwasher repairman cometh the first week of October, and it's raining like nobody's business outside. Tomorrow is our 'official' celebration of somebody's thirty-tenth birthday, so there's dinner and a movie to be had, and I just grafted the toe of 'ugly sock', the first. Tried it on the man's foot. Perfect fit. He's well-medicated for his cold/flu now, and awaiting the sleep of the drugged, courtesy of Alka-Selter nighttime formula. It's been a helluva busy day for this Queen of All She Surveys, but I need to leave a note here for the sleepless LeAnn... I will call you enroute to Mitchell's dental appt. in the morning. I was on the phone with bank people when you tried calling, and with the sweater class and WW today, I got Very Far Behind. Too much crap for one day, and it's time to end it. I'm sure I'll forget something in tomorrow's chaos, like Melly's tiara, or my wallet, or where I'm supposed to be at some crucial minute of the day, but for tonight, there is just sweet, blissful sleep. Once the kids decide to stop fighting over the DS game and Eli migrates back downstairs.

p.s. Down 11.6 lbs since starting this whole weight-loss regime. Doesn't seem like much, but it's more progress than I'd have made otherwise. I don't even resent the time spent at the meetings anymore. I have my knitting, a front row seat, and Miss No-Kim to torment. Could not be better. Latah, knittahs. C


Out-in-left-field Rob said...

I'm totally out of the loop (we have our first chemo today) BUT what is Melly getting a tiara for (other than she rocks and is the funniest) I feel really left out!
I'll be on my cell today (I'm hoping I can get reception) if anyone cares to enlighten me...
Happy 30-10th Bill, whenever it is/was - too bad you've been sick.
I miss you all -

Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo on the weightloss! Sounds like so much work though. Happy Birthday to the Mr. -- I hope he's feeling better soon. Tell Melly Congrats on the Tiara (your minions would love a pic) and tell sweet Rob I'll be thinking of her and the hubby today!

Stephanie said...

Awesome on the weightloss!!! You're doing great! I really need to get off my fat butt and do something too. Ugh. Damn you and being all inspiring and all that. AH!