Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday, already?

I've just run a pin through my finger from the wrong end (the plastic "flower heads" on Clover pins suck), and am currently trying to find a niche in my schedule to have my tonsils out. Between the five kids, Herr Becher's over-time, store hours and classes at the shop, and not having family around to assist, I may be one cranky lil' girl for awhile. This morning I was reading a 'homeschool rag' article about not getting overwhelmed. Funny, that. I already don't take my children to soccer/piano/art/language lessons, nor do we make a regular habit of having "busy days". The Children's Museum is the only place we tend to gravitate towards, and infrequently at that. I seem to be out of options as to where I can cut back and salvage my sanity (bah!).

That being said, I suspect Melly is having quite a tiresome day. There wasn't swearing, per se, but she's duking it out with the text and photos for the newsletter... I'll be calling her soon, to see how she's holding up. I probably owe her a steak dinner and a movie... and yarn.

I am going to go set up my sewing machine and get some cute baby things made for the shower at the end of the month. Type at y'll crafty mommas latah. C

p.s. Apparently Gaylen has had an eventful morning. She's been seen traipsing about her yard clad only in her bathrobe, posing her quilt top for photo-ops. Thanks for the pretty pics, girlie... now go get dressed!


gaylen said...

UGH! I could offer to vacation and help out, but that's not really what I want to do. Let me know if it's needed tho - I could probably leave the man at home with the deck project and the small horses.

Did you get what I was trying to tell you about the blocks? I couldn't be bothered with Photoshop. g

Thimbleanna said...

Ouch woman -- getting your tonsils out??? If only we lived closer -- help could be on the way! Come up here for the surgery -- I'll take care of you and the family will be too far away to know you need rest!

Annalea said...

And now it's almost Saturday.

Cami, you need to S-L-O-W D-O-W-N a little. If you can't slow your life down, then slow down your mind. My SIL has a great mental exercise she uses to get to sleep that you might love. (Check it out. She also has a mile-a-minute noggin.)

Mostly know that I'm thinking of you . . . if that helps any! Just breathe: in pink, out blue. (I've been doing that since you mentioned it once, and I'm surprised at what a difference it makes.)

Have a good night, Cami, and get some sleep. (An hour at night is worth two in the morning, as an old German proverb says.)

Taxi, anyone? said...

Since my body can't do many hours at the shop, I could help out by getting you there or taking you home, since you can't drive for 10 days (cough*bulls__t*cough). You might not feel good enough for 3-4 days, but after that I could be your limo driver. What do ya think?
I'm sure you will feel much better after the healing of the throat!
Long live the queen! And I mean it in the kindest way, love, Rob