Monday, September 22, 2008

The Painter in Me

Here hangs the skein that "got away". The skein deemed too ugly for public consumption, too "first attempt" (all by me, 'cuz I know all about everything). I guess you might say I'm having second thoughts, now that it's morphing into a sock for Herr Becher.
Just another gratuitous leg/cuff shot. Can you believe my medicated self got this far since yesterday? I know. The movie last night sucked (Magnolia), so I just kept my head down and kept on knitting. And today was not so bad... the knitting class got on okay, my voice visited me for about four hours, and I have this bangin' sock yarn to knit up... woo-hoo!
Okay, I have to go. The man says "Heros" is coming on in a minute. Must go see how they destroyed my show. (Like how I just assume it's ruined? I'm not jaded or bitter.)
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gaylen said...

Hmmm, that's some pretty sock yarn. Is that a traditional heel you are working? What happened to afterthought heels? Practice what you preach my dear!

Glad to hear you had a voice for a bit and that your class started off well. Can't wait to see WIP photos from your students. g

Stephanie said...

See! You can't deem a skein ugly until you knit it up and truly see what you've come up with. And yours is really pretty! No pooling and lots of nice color variation!!! Woohoo!!!

I am catching up on Heroes. I hope they don't pooch it. I like it a lot :)

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Cami! Who woulda thunk it? That yarn is knitting up beautifully!!!

She hears with a lisp, Rob said...

I love it - you did great! How is it that some people are great at almost anything they try - it's the artist in you. I sure will be glad to see you tomorrow - I'm having withdrawals. I know I saw you last Weds but that was for like 5 min and you were whispering. I couldn't understand what your offspring said on the phone - are you dying more yarn or your hair? I got mine done today so now the grey is covered for a few days. love you bunches, Rob