Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh, my!

This is not a picture of a wildly cute blogger with a knot of a super short cherry stem, that she honest-to-goodness tied with her tongue and nothing else... except it is, and she did. That Crocker Woman has some mad skilz. But I promised I wouldn't tell, so, shhhh.

In other news, I got to "test drive" Da Baby today. Stupid grin still plastered on my face. Car-loan shopping to commence tomorrow. Bank of Boris as last resort, 'cuz I'm kind of into him for the whole "hey, I want a yarn and fabric shop" thing. But that little lovey of a car is mine... I'll take the dangle!

Need to abbreviate the blog; tired toddler requires immediate attention. Will type at y'all later. *smooches* C
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Thimbleanna said...

Well. That knot has left me speechless. The woman has a gift!