Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Unfortunate Son

So, when you call and make an appointment for your child to have two root canals, and you ask if they can be done all in one go, and you explain that they are on opposite sides of said child's mouth, and you ask that your child be sedated, which keeps you from using the endodontist that your hygienist really likes, for the one who is just fine but also has the training to dispense nitrous, and then Mr. Endodontist won't knock your kid loopier than the third floor of a mental institution, and he explains that, while terrific schedulers, those pretty girls up in the front office informed me incorrectly about the "routine" of root canals (because they can't count to two?), and how only one side of the mouth can be involved at a time, and since I'm obviously not busy this month, it shouldn't be a problem to see the boy back in two weeks for his other procedure... if this happens, I believe that an evening off from blogging is in order, just because I couldn't think of anything nice to say. I still can't, but the sudden onset of Tourette's seems to be subsiding.

I had to plead my son's case, as I come from a rather difficult gene pool of people who don't get or stay numb. We have no reaction to certain medications (Valium is useless to me, even in quantities that would drop a horse), and I've endured several medical procedures where Xylocaine was fruitlessly employed. The lumpectomy of 2003, and tooth-extraction of 2005 are the most notable, because I'd warned the doctors ahead of time, so they'd be ready with the big guns. They didn't listen, I was tortured, and the look on Dr. Lumpectomy's face suggested I'd just shaved a few years off his life. I was determined #1 son would not be likewise tormented. They gave him Valium. (Hello? Is this thing on?) I haven't seen him yet this morning to see how he's feeling. He went to bed with a belly full of Motrin. I think he gets more milkshakes for lunch today. And that weirdly busy Sept. 22nd? Add another two-hour root canal to the mix.

On the positive side of things, I purchased Jane Brockett's book at B&N. Sadly, the cover is quite ugly, having been changed from it's original dust jacket to appeal to us stoopid, uncultured Americans. Way to screw it up, Stewart, Tabori, & Chang. If you're a Yarnstorm reader, save your pennies. The content has all been previously published on her blog. Oh, wait. I was going to be positive. I forget to haul knitting with me, so I dashed into Big Box sewing and craft store and bought dishrag cotton and 5mm needles. Got a finished object in one session of knitting (because I was furiously trying to ignore the political chatter coming from the ginormous t.v. strategically situated so you could not get away from it, no matter where you sat.)

As a dyed in the wool conservative, so many topics are 'off limits' for this forum, but let me just say, a junior senator who chooses Joe Biden (gah!) as his running mate is not only out of his depths, he's out of his gourd to think he can handle the tough business of running the country. All those famous people who promised to leave if Bush got re-elected in 2004 are still here... because there is no where else to go. As a nation we are unique. We have rights and freedoms even the broadest minded Europeans can't fathom (we hosted a German exchange student in 2004, so I have a smidgen of an idea how shocking we are), and to entertain the notion that Oprah's boy-genius can handle world affairs when he couldn't even be bothered to visit wounded soldiers while in Germany, choosing instead to go shopping... well, if you throw him your vote and wind up penniless, broken, and living in a land that can barely remember it's former self, you deserve all the heartache you can bear. Taxing the businesses that make the economy run is short sighted and self-defeating. Punishing the ten percent of the population that pay ninety percent of the taxes will ruin us. It's just too bad the 19th amendment ever took hold. If we chicks had never gotten the vote, Socialism would never have had the chance to take root in American soil. This wasn't meant to be a mini-rant. I'm rarely political in person, but the huge dose I had to swallow yesterday was making me ill. It seems you're only allowed an opinion if you're a Lib, and if you intend on typing bumper-stickers at me in the comment box... knock yourself out. I may need some humor to get me through the next two weeks. C


Annalea said...

I'm so sorry your little guy has to go through this. It's infuriating how doctors (et al) often don't listen. Makes you want to perform a root canal on them without meds, to see how they like it.

As for politics, rant away, dear. Honestly, I don't think there's a good option this time 'round. While one guy would tax producers 'til they bleed, the other is notorious for wanting to bomb innocents. It will be {ahem} interesting {cough, cough} to see what the next four years hold.

Hang in there!

Thimbleanna said...

I would say, Tell us how you really feel, but instead I'll say YOU Go Girl!!!

Sorry you had such a trying day with the endo. Maybe we were separated at birth with that drug thingy -- that's why when they told me demeral (sp?) was all I could have for the birth of my youngest I said "like hell" and took my fat pg self to CA to mommies to do the birthing. I'm a big wimp and that piddly stuff ain't cutting it!

Hope baby boy is feeling better today! You Too!

Anonymous said...

Amen and Hallelujah, preach it sister! It too often feels like those of us in the right (ha ha ha) can't say anything about our beliefs for fear of offending. I always have second thoughts about the bumper stickers I put on my car - they never say anything horrible, I just have a pretty snarky sense of humor, but I always have the fear of getting keyed.

Tam said...

Another hearty "Amen" from a fellow person in her "right mind". ha If I hear one more liberal go on about "Mr. 180 actual days present on the Senate floor" like he's Jesus, Mary and Joseph (all wrapped up into one) I'm going to puke right on his shoes. Have you seen the video "Time for Some Campaignin'" on www.jibjab.com? If not, you HAVE to see it. You sound like you need a good laugh about now and that video will surely do it for you. It's front and center on the home page.

zoe said...

regular lurker here, decloaking to tell you how after the natural birth of my first (effing HUGE) baby, I "endured" a 3rd degree tear. i was stitched back together, while sucking on a mighty large tank of gas, and recall, with the most intense and knuckle whitening clarity, the feeling of the stitches going into my nether regions for what felt like a million years.

It wasn't until 2 days later, reading through the notes on the end of the bed.
I had had more than 100 stitches in my pink bits (front to back)

surprisingly i went on to have 2 more children.

robin said...

Oh Zoe, must I say OUCH!

Hope Mitch is doing better...

I'm not touching anything else...

Love, Rob

Veedogknitter said...

Oh no...i'm a lib, actually, a moderate with liberal leanings...and i refuse to affliate myself with any party...but i ABSOLUTELY support your right to speak your mind, and voice your opinion. I may not agree with all you say, but who cares...how boring would that be if we all agreed? I do get the whole taxing-to-death the small business-guy...it is no good.
And i am with Annalea, but honestly, has there EVER been a good option? I am always so let down....