Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dyeing for string

Big plans for tomorrow today... but later, after sleep and taking the middle three Becher kinder to have their fangs cleaned by our favorite tooth fairy (Hey, Steph!). I forgot to bring the yarns home today anyway, and I suspect the only vinegar in the haus is of the apple cider variety. A trip to the grocery is needed. (Without my diet 'snacky-foods', I'm sort of a cranky battle-axe.) My monkey fell out of it's tree when #1 son dived for the last peach. I relinquished ownership of it, but may take to hoarding/hiding fruit in the haus... which, as an executive fat girl, seems dirty and wrong to me, but so is wrestling an eleven year old for a peach. Yeah, you read that right. Lil' big girl has gone all high-fiber and healthy. Maybe this high-fiber quest is what has started the desire to paint my own yarns. Or it could be the realization that I have a lot of bald yarn to gussie up. Anyway, we'll see how it goes later today. I may put the chirruns to work outside with the painting bits to do, or kettle dye the yarns in big batches. But for now, the Xanax has kicked in and I'm possibly too wiped to type. Updates with photos later. Smooches, pooches. C


Thimbleanna said...

Now, I'm really starting to worry about you down there with all that fiber -- crafty or otherwise! Don't make me come down there with chocolate!

gaylen said...

I want pictures of the dyeing! No excuses like with the plastic hat! You have a camera - use it!!! g

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