Thursday, September 25, 2008

Frau Becher takes a bow

Wow. What an amazing response to the dyeing! I wish I could have captured the incredulous look on Melly's face when I said "see what I made" and held the skeins out to her for her approval. She totally thought I was her. That was priceless. As was mailing my own handpainted yarn out to both coasts today. Very thrilling. I am possibly drunk on power. Certainly I am not drunk on pain meds. (The Percocet did not make 'Heros' any bit more bearable, either. The writers really made a mess of that show. Probably some should have stayed on strike?)
I am now eating solid foods in tiny, mouse-sized bites. This is not only tiring, but boring, as well. My preferred method was just to unhinge my jaw and have at the plate, snake-style. This new, raw skin in my throat and it's constant need to be catered to, the untoward demands for my attention, and the prissy way I have to chew everything so damn much... well, I shall be a very happy girl when the healing process is complete. Me and my over-developed jaw muscles. C


gaylen said...

I can't wait to see it in person. Both hanks that are coming my way. I think we need a picture blow by blow so we can do it ourselves! g

Lola's friend, Rob said...

Oh but Lola, your voice sounds so sultry....
And yes you did a maaahvelous job, simply maaahvelous job on your artistic adventures with dye and string. (hear the accent?)
air kiss to each side of your face...wierd Rob
it's 7:29am and I think the pain meds are just kicking in - thank God!

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, ooh, we wanna hear that sexy sultry voice! Can't you put it on the blog??? Hope you're back to normal soon -- and you deserve a very deep bow for that gorgeous yarn!

(I'm not a Heroes watcher, but perhaps you should offer to share your pain meds with the writers???)

Mariamzos said...

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