Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another snappy scarf

The ready availability of the paper-mache, glitter-coated snowman has made them a prominent feature of the snowman tree. This one may look like the other glitter covered, red scarf wearing snowman of a previous post, but this one is totally different. He's sitting down holding a tiny tree, for one thing. And his hat is bigger. Worlds of difference. There's about a dozen more just like 'em. The vintage look of them is what totally gets me, with the pinked edges of their felt hats, the tiny tags, trees, and/or candies they hold, and all that glitter. Adorable.
Here's a somewhat recent (in the last two weeks, anyway) shot of little man for the "where's Eli crashed out now?" album. I scrolled through a year and a half's worth of photos this morning and it's appalling how many weird shots of Eli we have passed out. On the stairs. On a cardboard shipping crate full of fabric. Propped up in the corner of a chair with his mouth hanging open, looking disturbingly lifeless. Ugh. But I thought I'd share this one for Thimbleanna, who was the first to out him as the narcoleptic toddler he is.
This photo is for Gaylen. I just wanted her to know she's not alone in her war against rodents. See? Even our bluebirds have issues at their house.
Or, rather, they did, until that tree blew over this fall. Herr Becher needs to go choose a new home for them. Bit cold for the out-of-doors today, though. I'm headed to the kitchen for some decaf and a bit of Xanax, and then I'll be enjoying 'pajama day' until noon, when I officially have to pack everyone up and go get some errands done. Greenwood on a Sunday, two weeks from the holidays... shudder. (Just in case you were curious what the meds were for.) C
p.s. for Miss Laurel: go here to the bottom of the post for the molasses cookie recipe. Eat enough of them and they are very likely to kick-start your labor, lil' mama. Be well. *mwah*
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veedogknitter said...

Oh boy...the war against rodents. Fred spotted one in my tv room today. At least, i THINK he spotted one in there. He tore in there at top speed, and tried to get under the couch. He is an odd dog, but that is odd behavior even for him.
Love the snowmen!!

Tam said...

I made those cookies and they are FABULOUS. I did them exactly as prescribed except I'm too lazy to go buy parchment paper so I did them on my usual insulated cookie sheets. They look EXACTLY like yours and taste like heaven so I guess it worked out okay. Thanks for the recipe!

Suse said...

Ugh rodents. That one looks scarily large.

We currently have teeny tiny bats in our ceiling space and by golly they make a racket at 3.15am.

gaylen said...

um, I'm jonesin to see more of those cute snowmen! You're like 2 days behind :) g

Thimbleanna said...

Ahhh, thank you for my Eli shot Ms. Cami! And I'm lovin' your snowmen!