Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blurry Tuesday

Remember 'finger-ma-jigs'? This little dude is one, and he's got two pals hanging out with him. Can you believe non of the Becher children have figured him out yet? Scary, I know.

There appears to be a pattern of neglect in my Monday posting, but as the t.v. season has come to a close, I expect things to improve immeasurably. This also frees up some serious knitting/sewing/reading time, though I don't know what the next 'big thing' on my reading list will be.

These three snow-fellows have been on tree duty for a few years now. I found them loitering at Target and promptly kidnapped them. They always insist on staying in their little crew. Snow gangstas. They are also cleverly concealed bells, and the cat has recently discovered that bumping the tree makes a most delightful racket. Possibly this posse's days are numbered.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to refit the Audi with an ipod adapter today. None available to fit the car. Best Buy rocks. Oops. I just had another sarcasm. The plan is to find one that can be hardwired into where the CD changer fits behind the seat, since it has recently died and gone to audio heaven. Five hundred bucks to replace it... I'm just going to leave it for dead, and hope to find an adapter to have installed soon. Gah.

Tried to sneak out to see 'Twilight' again today, but had no success due to Herr Becher and his monumental guilt trip about getting home to look at my offspring. The exact same ones who ignore me on a daily basis and mumble at me when I ask them direct questions. The same children who can barely be dragged to the table to have dinner with us, and pop out of their seats the minute dinner is over, because they want dibs on the computer/Wii/DS/t.v. Those kids. Due to the nice little ice storm brewing, I drove home at once and no one has noticed I'm here. Dammit anyhow. I could be sitting in a dark and cozy theater watching The Edward right now.

Edited to add: Movie is on. Dragging teen-aged daughter with, because this constitutes 'quality time' to Herr Becher. She's appalled at having to spend time with her mom, but co-operative. I'll get her the big popcorn.
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gaylen said...

Movie popcorn rocks! How is the WW going (she askes while stuffing her face with turkey sandwhich & sunchips - washed down with eggnog latte!).

Be careful driving home in the ice. Have missed talking to you lately. You have until Thursday to call - then it's crickets from me :) Happy Holidays - g