Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blah, blah, snowman, blah, blah, blah...

Putting the post up without too much commentary about the little man in the fake beard. He likes his anonymity and prefers to hang out on the tree without too much fuss made over him. I knew he was a good addition to the collection because he's proved to be indestructible, even as the eldest child went through her mafia phase. You'd be shocked and appalled at how many snowmen Miss Madeleine has disarmed in her short life. I've kept a stash of the 'unarmed men' for her to take with her when she moves out, but this guy gets to stay with me.

This one, being one of the floating heads in the bunch, has a different set of worries. Sure, with no limbs to snap off, he's less appealing to the children, but there's a bit too much "I've got your nose" going on here these past few Christmases at Becher Haus for him to be really at ease whilst he waits around for Santy-pants to show up.

With another round of ice blanketing us here in Indiana today, I thought I'd show you a little bit of something sunny and pretty. New Kaffe fabrics, which I'm hoping will kick off a burst of happy quilting. Who wouldn't want to wrap themselves in this to keep warm, as we wait for spring to return?
The new color cards arrived today for Rowan yarns. There finally is a gold Kid Silk Haze. It's called 'Ember' and it is gorgeous (of course)and the other new colors ('Garden', a pale, lettuce green, 'Ghost', a silvery grey, and 'Flower', a girly, candy pink) all look so beautiful. I actually bought a special display for the shop to keep a bunch of the pretties in up on the counter. Yum.

We made a small, tactical error in getting the gifts wrapped and put under the tree today. Even with the slow and deliberate explanations to every interested party that they do get to open their gifts on Christmas Eve, it has somehow morphed through the children's grapevine and been interpreted as Christmas Eve morning. Which, in actual fact, was not the agreed upon time. I may have to put the cat on guard duty tonight.
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Girl NOT in the grass skirt said...

Hope the Becher children are good while grandma and grandpa are there - I didn't get to see them before I leave...miss not seeing them once and awhile at the shop.
Fabrics look HAPPY - love the colors! I'll probably check in on you...even from afar - there is a little rain predicted every day. See you when I get home (and recouperated from the 11 hour plane ride). Miss you and the girls, Aloha, Rob