Saturday, December 13, 2008

Giving the bird

Today was one of those perfect days that will glow in my memory for quite a while. A day spent hanging out in the shop with muh knittas, the anticipation of the evening out (again, with muh knittas), and a rather fast paced drive home in 'Justice'. Dark evening, curving roads, and a wild-eyed girl (har) getting more and more familiar with the roadster's capabilities. Shoes off definitely helps.

This little snowman is another very recent addition to the menagerie, courtesy of Miss Robin. I can remember this because little dude is holding a bird (albeit a cardinal, but still). He's keeping the shop tree company until Christmas eve, when I saddle him up and haul him home.

Here's the 'Route 66' quilt top from Rachael. I'm putting a border on it and it'll be for the youngest boy in the family we're drowning in quilts this winter. Perfectly wonderful, and many thanks to the big-hearted, beautiful woman who brought it to us (you, me, and the mouse in Clementine's pocket).

Here's the larval-stage quilt for the oldest boy, a young man of sixteen. Homespun plaids and checks, right out of Phyl's stash. Properly aged and waiting to be needed. I can't think of a better use for stashed blocks than the project we are embarking on now. You rock, pretty lady.

Tonight, Melly, No-Amy/Noemi, and I went to see 'Twilight'. Other than the wretched special-effects, the movie was gorgeously crafted. Having read through the book a few times first (ahem), it was hard not to have a critical eye at the way the storyline emerged, but The Edward more than made up for any shortcomings. I didn't even get us kicked out of the theater, but several giggle-snorts were heard amongst the three amigas. Probably muttering 'nom, nom, nom' during the kissing scenes did not aid in keeping the peace, but what can I say? Dude kept missing his chance.
Time to head to bed, as tomorrow is Second Sunday, and thus a 'workday' for our Clementine. Grab your knitting and claim a seat in the knit pit. I'll be there. Latah, crafty chicas. C
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veedogknitter said...

HAHAHA, even i would not have gotten you kicked out of the theatre, as i was giggling throughout the LITTLE bit of the movie that i saw! One day, i will have to go back and actually watch it.

Thimbleanna said...

You guys seriously muttered nom, nom, nom during kissing scenes??? That's HYSTERICAL! I can SO see you guys doing that!!!!