Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pardon my street light

The tiny burg of Franklin was all lit up for the holidays, as tonight was the "town tree lighting". In Franklin-speak, that's code for "we're gonna throw the switch on all these strung up lights what we got attached to that there court house and all... git 'er done!" Add a swipe of a nose to a sleeve and some fireworks (because what is a town celebration without explosives in twenty-seven degree weather?) and you have something that looks a little like this...

And this. I missed all the really good, big ones because instead of snapping the shutter, I was mistakenly (and sad to say, repeatedly) turning my camera off and on. Duh. But I caught a few, and will forever remember standing in the cold with No-Amy (Noemi) while we watched fireworks, the wind driving snow into our faces.

Aside from the cold and snow of the day, it was altogether a pleasant day at the shop. Miss Deb, Melly, and Noemi all sat and knitted with me, I had some fun people come to shop, and the day was punctuated by lil' friend Susan, coming to visit and sneak in a nap as she played hooky from her cafe.
Today's snowman is new to the collection. Another gift from Gaylen, he's been hanging out on the shop tree, because he really seems to have a thing for the white branches. He's coming home for Christmas, and I'm sure he'll receive a warm welcome from the rest of the gang... well, as warm as any snowman could comfortably bear without risking puddling.

That's all for tonight. I have to go get caught up on my blog reading, and a certain sock is needing attention. I'm just thrilled tomorrow isn't a second Sunday, because I need a pajama day. Bring on the 'weekend'. Woo-hoo. C
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veedogknitter said...

that really makes me feel better, to know that i am not the only one who repeatedly turns their camera on and off while "taking pictures".
Such cute snowmen!!

Robin said...

Poo pee...I knew I should have come down, but streets around our addition were slicker than...yeah you know. Husband was pooped from working in the cold and chemo this week so after a grandson's bball game we hit the sweats and couch. I need to pick Deb's brain for the black, white and red quilt pattern as KD wants exactly those colors and also needs quilting instructions from Clemintine's. And now that I know Susan is a distant cousin, maybe she can feel the "happy side" of her family (though none as crazy as she).
Sounds like a perfectly pleasant day to spend when it's blowin and snowing out.
Always, Robin

Humble Rob said...

Sorry about spelling error, Ms Becher - Rob