Thursday, December 11, 2008

Objects in mirror

Quickie 'bonus post' from your's truly, because the day is getting away from me. Quippiness to resume tomorrow (with photos). Here is a new snowman/woman, who I suspect is winking. Stinking cuteness.

Objects of my desire, (and tea)...
"No-Amy"/Noemi just informed me about this, so it'll be playing on a loop in my head through the weekend. Like I needed that. (But, yeah, I did.)

And for My Evil Twin, further proof of our separation at birth... we might both be slightly less than handi-capable at bathroom photography... and yes, I am pretty much all nostrils... and they flare, too.
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gaylen said...

I wanna be as pretty as you when I grow up. Having a crappy, headachy, yucky day - how 'bout you? g

Thimbleanna said...

Ok, you guys are having too much fun over here. First Melly is playing guest with her crack and then your hot self makes an appearance. I miss you guys!!!

Robin said...

I was just over at Thimbleanna's and she had a little saying on a soldered pendant that is very appropriate for you right now Cami... It says "She is too fond of books and its has addled her brain".
Could have been overheard at Becher house..."Where's mom? She's off with Edward and Bella, AGAIN"
love ya, Robin

Stephanie said...

This does not even compare to my pic. You are GORGEOUS! And SO not as out of focus as mine. I'm just a BIIIIG head with a moustache in mine. You are so pretty. And *NOT* all nostril.

*swoon* for Edward. :o)