Monday, December 29, 2008


The plan, that is. Planning to run away from home the first week of June, going to visit Miss G and any other bloggers we come across. My accomplice has a sister conveniently located for crashing at, and there's a pool, a boat, and luxury SUV access... I'm so happy I could explode. Plenty of time for sight-seeing, pub-crawling, being ridiculous, and knitting. It makes me shiver, that's how happy I am. An escape has been thought of. It's like a beacon of happy to get me through the rest of the winter. Clean underwear and a toothbrush? Check. I'm ready.

Today was probably the second busiest Monday in Clementine's recorded history, but lots of new customers came in and bought gobs of stuff. It was quite fabulous. New Year's Day is the big, super-secret sale, but that didn't dissuade the die-hard fiber fans from squirreling more stash away today. I just realized my feet are kind of exhausted, so I'm going to go rest 'em up for tomorrow.

You go be crafty, then come back here. L8r, knittas.


Stephanie said...

You better believe that you're going to do a meet up with me. If you are anywhere in the STATE I'm driving there :) I can't wait. We'll have a blast!

veedogknitter said...

ohhhhh, so fun!! You guys will have a blast!