Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oddments of a day

The never-ending onslaught of snowmen continues:
This paper-mache man is charmingly covered in pages from a dictionary. My inner speed-reader has just realized how fabulous this guy is in the collection. I think I'll call him 'Edward'. *snark* (The fact that I'm cycling through the 'Twilight' books for the fourth time has no one shocked at Becher Haus. I should probably be more concerned for my own mental health, huh?)

This is up here for the perusal of a dear woman to view. It seems that the 'Modern Quilt Wrap' kits are still an item not to be trifled with. If you need one, you know where to reach me. Of course, the photo doesn't do it justice, but that would be 'operator error' on my part and the fading light in the shop tonight as I hurried to get a photo before zooming out the door. I also remembered to snag a pic of the quilt block Jaye sent. It's perfect in it's chaos, and it looks fabulous with the new Kaffe dots. As she's every bit the polka-dot fanatic I am, I know she'll approve of what I'm about to do with this block, but as I can only post three pics at a time from the home computer (sad little air card is taxed to it's limit, poor thing), you'll have to wait a few days to see how it turns out.

The shop was a busy place today, which was a very good thing. I even bid adieu to some fabric end-of-the-bolt bits and was rewarded with more shelf space. I was a little worried, what with the new fabrics trickling in every week, that I'd have to stack them against a wall somewhere. Having all the fabrics on sale for the rest of this week should alleviate even more shelf congestion. Starting in 2009, I won't be at liberty to advertise any newly issued fabrics at less than MSRP, or risk being black-balled from my supplier, though in-store sales are allowed... I just won't be able to tell you about them. Maybe we should have a code word, like 'marshmallow' or 'prudence'. Not that you heard anything from me, mind you.

Finally, with the holidays breathing down our necks like a nervous boy at a high-school dance, lets take a moment to remember a time when we thought it couldn't get any worse, and then it did. You can share any stories you'd like, and it doesn't even have to be about Christmas. Got a good 'Easter when you barfed in church' tale you'd like to tell? Leave a comment over at Miss G's blog about it, since she's going to be incommunicado for awhile, and I don't want her blog to get lonely. Then we'll have a drawing of the unlucky amongst us and I'll send you something pretty for the holidays. Just be sure to pop back here and tell me what your preferences are (knitter/quilter/fav color), so you'll have a fighting chance of being pleasantly surprised for a change. Go to it, kids. Spill.
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Jaye said...

Glad the baby arrived. I was beginning to wonder, but then I remember it is Christmas and people send things to other people....sometimes a lot of things, so the mail MIGHT be slower. I am sure you will do something fab with it.