Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I never meant to be a collector. Freezer full of sock yarn? A rational 'safe-storage' plan. Bookcases stacked to groaning with books about quilting/knitting/soap making? Future reference. Giant plastic storage crates of tiny little snowmen? Girl's obviously out of her tree.
This little fuzzy snowdude is a Boyd's. I scored him half-off, at an after Christmas sale in a sleepy little town where most of the commerce that happens is the sale of sixty-nine cent polar pops at the local gas station. It was several years ago, and I was only in the sleepy little town to visit the local quilt shop, which was closed on a Wednesday (?), and having lugged all the Becher children out of the truck, I was damn sure going to buy something, even if it killed me. Five kids in a gift shop... yeah, it nearly did. Five beanie-babies later, I spied this guy in a basket by the register. Score one for the mommy.

Here is a scary, cross-eyed pic of what happens when I love on the cat. Yep. Those would be hives springing up all over my face. (I've since touched up those white roots, too.)
Today's trauma was a trip to the ob/gyn. I accidentally giggle-snorted when the receptionist asked why I had been neglecting my annual exams. Oh, gee, lemme think on this one...

'cuz I don't like flashing my hoo-hoo at tired old men? Does that answer the question? Gah.

On tomorrow's agenda, pics of a bunch of new Kaffe Fassett fabrics what just arrived at the shop, as well as a quilt block from Jaye. It's huge and gorgeous and I'm turning it into a medallion quilt top. I'm mailing you some new dots, Miss Jaye. Fresh off the UPS truck! Be back here tomorrow when I hatch the plan to stuff Gaylen's comment box with snarky holiday fun whilst she is otherwise detained. Maybe we'll have a contest for outrageous holiday-hell stories. What do you think?
Smooches, pooches. C
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Thimbleanna said...

Haha -- what's up with the OB-GYN receptionist/rocket scientist??? I Never used to go for the same reason. Then the parts got ripped out and now they have me chained to them every year to get my drugs. So unfair. Hope the hives get better. Are you sure it was the cat? I'm thinkin' it was the OB-GYN!

melly~ said...

um, girl? where'd you score those cheekbones?!
damn, girl...
I miss you. :)

Jaye said...

You are looking so svelte!! Can't wait for my surprise. Two in one week is the best. Thanks in advance.