Friday, December 19, 2008

Seeing spots

The day's activities are seriously lacking blog-ability, so I'm taking a 'sick day' to wallow. The weather let up for part of the day, but the cold is returning. The AGA ate eight hundred bucks of propane in a month (yeah, I know, but it's pretty), so we obviously need to schedule the repairman to come down from Michigan to fix the lid over the boiling plate. The impending holiday means baking, so I'm hoping Herr Becher will allow us to turn up the juice on the cooker before my depression sets in.

Some of the new, spring-y spots from Kaffe. It's good to see so much happy on the shelves. Wards off the miserable winter we've been plunged into. Normal blogging to resume tomorrow, once the medication sets in.
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Jaye said...

Sigh! I love dots. Keep some for me for when DH gets his new job, which he WILL do, or else! ;-)