Friday, December 26, 2008

At the end of the day

Today was very nearly a perfect day. Kidnapping a few friends for lunch and a bit of light yarn shopping was out of my 'ordinary' and it felt great. Walking several blocks from the pub to the yarn shop in four inch heels wasn't even a chore. The colorless day I'd been destined to have was instead full of giggle-snorts, really wretched jokes, and fun. The biggest hurdle was getting home in zero-visibility fog, but my own OCD tendencies saved me there. I know my way home blindfolded, apparently, so nothing was lost. Biggrrrl has an annoying 'design feature' that doesn't allow for turning off the headlights in the dark, so once I resigned myself to driving into a wall of white, it got easier to surrender to the feel of the road. Home again, home again, jiggity-jig, and with a bag of Burger King for the children of Becher Haus, to boot.

Tomorrow will be spent finishing up quilt tops to get to the quilter. With the advent of the audio book, played through the DVD player (we are nothing if not low-tech here in the sticks), I should have no problem keeping both my hands and mind occupied for awhile. The shop is closed until Monday, when I will be standing in for 'Monday/Tuesday Mandi' whilst she's off at Virginia Beach. She left with a rather extensive list of yarn shops to scope out. I might be a little jealous. It's been strange having a fistful of days to myself. Time to think, to plan, to relax. I had to bail on the in-laws, since there is so much end of the year stuff to do, and preparing for company in the midst of clearing out closets, year-end inventory, and that whole Christmas shenanigan... well, I might not have been quite myself. They've agreed to pick another week. This will cut the Xanax consumption considerably.

Well, it's late, a tired toddler requires attention, and that laundry isn't moving itself into the dryer, so have a great weekend. See you tomorrow. C


Stacy said...

Glad I read this - almost popped in the shop today!

Dragonfly said...

your day sounds wonderful!!