Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Candy Girl

The parade continues. This was a particularly good find from a now defunct gift shop that had a whole room of Christmas things on display year 'round. Purchased on a hot and muggy day in August, two years ago, I remember being suspicious of leaving her in the car as we went about our shopping for the day, so realistic are her 'licorice rope' arms and scarf. Oh, to be so stinking cute whilst covered head to toe in sugar. I'd like to add, as a testament to my willpower, that even in the throes of Weight Watchers, I haven't yet nibbled on her. It does leave me craving one of Melly's cupcake pops, though.

I made doubly sure, by the way, that our Melly knows for fact that I will require those fabulous cupcakes-on-a-steeek for my birthday, still months away. Can't leave anything to chance.

Today a fabulous package arrived from Miss G. An entire quilt's worth of blocks, a pile of random patchwork-play blocks, and a completed quilt top that is stunning. Gorgeous. You'll see it here tomorrow, because I was an unprepared putz today and didn't have my camera at the ready. I can't believe she insists she "doesn't quilt", because it's the coolest two-color quilt I've ever seen. I'm just honored and so proud to have her in my corner as we get ready to shower a grieving family in quilts this holiday season. You rock, Gaylen, and I totally adore you!

I'm off to do a bit of the holiday knitting. A wee pumpkin hat needs my full attention, and another project popped into my head full of fluff this evening. Bed socks. Wildly colored, self-striping, and not required to fit into an actual shoe... ahhh, the stuff of dreams! If it Doesn't Work Out, I'll snag them up for myself. Turning into quite the yarn hog again, I am. C
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