Saturday, June 23, 2007

66 S. Water St.

Tonight's post is more 'photo-essay' than an actual posting, but I wanted to show you what is happening at 66 S. Water St., the future home of 'Clementine's Dry Goods'. Yesterday the phone guy came and put in this... our future 'ether-net' (can somebody please tell me what that is... do I really need it?) which lives here, in a closet in a back room.
Here we have some construction debris, created just today, by Kenny. Kenny is a very neat and tidy demo-guy... see how the doors are stacked, the trim stood up neatly against the back wall, and the shards of wall board wait patiently for their final ride to the dumpster.

I told you he was tidy. These wall studs are about to be removed, as is the portion of wall to the right. And notice how neatly he wound up all the cords and things on his tools. Kenny is neat as a pin, which serves him well in his real job as an ATC (like Bill, Kenny sits in a big dark room and keeps airplanes from smacking into each other once they leave the airports.) All day. Every day. So, tearing stuff (that is so not the word I was going to use, but sometimes my mother-in-law reads this blog) up is cathartic. He's also a whiz at rebuilding stuff, so I think Clementine is pretty happy he agreed to help us out. He feels about construction the way we feel about knitting.

That's it for today. I did attempt the cast on... again... for the knit-along... please join us if you haven't already done so. I am going to require dark chocolate, Starbucks decaf breakfast blend, a refill on the Xanax, and at least thirty minutes daily to get this shawl-hooligan done in time for the book 7 launch. I definitely want to wear it to the bookstore; what'd be really cool is seeing other 'invisibilities' there, too. I meet the nicest people in bookstores... and bookfairs.
p.s. don't forget that TOMORROW is the day for the yarn draw... three winners... will your name be pulled from the hat? Stay tuned!


Marigold said...

Ethernet is your computer internet system. Unless your telephone guy left you with a few more electronic light-flashy boxes, I think he probably just set up the DSL internet service, not a real ethernet. If you're just going to have one computer in the shop, you'll attach it to the modem, and you're good. If you plan to hook up more computers, or if you want to have wireless internet (wifi) (oooh! good idea...) you'll need a router with wireless Internet capability.

I like the outside of your store. Will you be painting it, or changing it?

Dragonfly said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got pictures up, that's great!

Annalea said...

Your MIL isn't the only one who appreciates it when, ahem, language is altered. My ears burn easily. ;o)

I somehow missed the yarn drawing bit . . . back to read up on it!

camillaknits said...

building is scheduled to be painted by the group that owns it. I'm merely a renter. I did mention in passing to my landlady that the brick would be smashing in a light pear (I think the fashionable term I used on her was "wasabi") with the deep ivory (again, I think I called it "French Vanilla") with a pale caramel or butter yellow inside the window wells. They are deep, old fashioned arched brick over the top windows, and the building is a three story, with the added "fake fronts" on both Water St. and Court St. Monroe St. just has the 3 story face.
There is another boxy thing plugged into the wall near the DSL thing... he said it did something so everything would be wireless... how sad is it that I'm this clueless?
Also, if you've e-mailed me or posted a comment on this blog, consider yourself in the drawing. I'll announce the names later today, and if I don't have a way to contact you, you'll need to e-mail me with your mailing addy. Good night all. Cami

Dragonfly said...

the other thing is probably the router. it takes the signal from the DSL and converts it so that you can have wireless connection throughout.

Anonymous said...

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