Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Miscellany Tuesday...

Here's the dumb thing I 'did' at the pool party today. I was so concerned that the kids get covered in 55 spf, waterproof sunscreen that I totally forgot to spray my pasty self. I tried, and failed, a dozen times to get a proper pic, one that would truly show you how spraypainted I look. It's so crawly and nasty, all I can say is praise Jesus I still had some percocets left, 'cuz honey, I'm gonna be on 'em tonight. Otherwise, there is no way I could lay in the bed. I don't care what the thread count is; all sheets are sandpaper on a sunburn.

My bathroom buddy post from a few days ago left me totally paranoid after reading Harlot's post today. I read through 366 comments (it took me an hour, 'cuz I saw some familiar names, and popped over to say hi) and all the while the comment about "deadly dull" animal postings was running through my skull. You all got that, as I'm owned by two cats, I was being facetious, right? So, to let you know that I don't hate animals on blogs, I decided to intro you to Hazel II, or Missy Hazel, as I like to call her. We have no idea where she came from; she showed up here over two years ago and in November of 2005, she moved in. We had her spayed, but she retains her claws, as she's the indoor/outdoor type of gal. NOT a tame lion, she can climb 20-30 feet up a hickory tree in about three seconds. She has excellent "house manners" if you get my meaning, and she is the second tortie cat we've had share our space. This version, Hazel 2.0, likes kids, tolerates being picked up, and brings me presents of, well, smaller mammals. Much smaller.

So, although I did knit awhile today, I have no knitting to show off. Voodoo monkey has been kidnapped by Fancy Lucy, but upon his return I have a redesigned quilt to assemble. I had an idea (in the shower, where all my fuzzy-headed thinking occurs) this morning to start a sock club, with colorways to honor all the funky, creative, and supportive knitters I continue to meet and gain inspiration from. It's just in the brewing stage, but two years ago when I got pissed about not being able to get 'Kaffe Fassett' fabric locally, look what happened: I'm opening a fabric/yarn shop. Renovations to start very soon... Melly, I think you are an angel, or a crazy person, possibly both, and I love that about you... you are one of the best "best bitches" around. Rhonda, without you I'd still be sitting home knitting alone and feeling like there wasn't a soul in the world who 'got me'. You even buy me delicious yarns to fondle (and I will knit them... soon) So, for all the knitterly fabulousness that is out there in the world, can anyone tell me what the heck happened in Cali? And who the vicious blogger is? I may want to check this out for myself... wow. It's 1 am... time to sleep, as the meds are taking effect nicely. More tomorrow. Cami


Dragonfly said...

Ouch on the sunburn!!
I don't think any of us thought you actually hated animal posts, esp with kitty pictures included.

In line with your thinking... I'm glad I met you when I did because I was just beginning to feel like the only crazy knitting people that felt like me were in books. You were the first one I actually met and it made me feel MUCH better! Plus, my favorite piece of advice came from you "don't worry too much about not understanding the pattern, it will make more sense when you get there" (or something to that effect)

melly~ said...

Thaks for the tip on the Lotus Knits give-away. I'm entered and you're entered again for refering me!
Thanks bitch. ;)
(is that too vulgur? -lol-)

camillaknits said...

Just keepin' the knitty-love alive. Dragonfly... you up for a knit along? Go check out Lotusknitters blog; we're going to start knitting the 'invisiblity shawl', and I've alerted the SSK here about it as well. You could enter the contest as well... tell her I'll kick in some panda cotton if your name is drawn! It so stinks, you being ALLERGIC to lanolin. *pout* And Melly... we's best bitches; tip offs are what we do...besides, the volunteering in the shop... I heart you. (You had me at hello) Cami

korinthe said...

The blue goop made by Banana Boat really takes the edge off (it has lidocaine and aloe). Though if you have percoset, that probably takes the edge off too :)

Congratulations on opening a shop! Don't let the nay-sayers get you down.

Dragonfly said...

I need a blog to enter :-(

Love the invisibility shawl. Bet I could really mess that up. I've never seen that book "live" so I can browse it.

Ellen said...

My goodness, an extreme sunburn and a new shop! What is your stress level? I hope your knitting karma keeps you calm and focused. The pictures of yarn in baskets are so beautiful; I'm looking forward to pictures of the shop.

Marigold said...

Hey, I hope you're feeling better...I've been meaning to tell ya that Noxema does really good things for sunburns. It cools off the sunburn, helps it heal, and keeps it from peeling. See you Monday!