Monday, June 4, 2007

Gratuitous Harlot photos

(this is technically tomorrow's post, which I guess it is because I just looked at the time and it's half past midnight...and I'm still full from dinner at redrhonda's house...mmm.)

So, I've had these photos glopping up my files for over a month now, and it's high time to show 'em a good time. Above you will notice the lovely Harlot, sitting and knitting on the Big Pink Thing, in rose quartz STR. She's a super fast knitter, which is a bit creepy, and more than a little demoralizing, especially when she's also doing this:

Yes, that's right, kiddoes. Knitting and giving a humorous speech at the same time, all the while Traveling Sock kept growing right on the needles... not even looking down. I'm ashamed to say I look at my knitting constantly because I'm in the 10 to 11 stitches per inch phase of my knitting journey. On those addi turbos, one blink and it's sock surgery time. Speaking of, I'd better get myself off to bed, seeing as how it's already 'tomorrow'. Ugh. So, are there any betting pools on when Ill get my knitting back into my hands? I'm shooting for Wednesday, but not on any of the socks... I think I'd like to make the snowman hat from the "Itty Bitty Hats' book... it cracks me up every time I look at it. That carrot nose. But, if I prove to be too loopy on the meds, a nice, simple Koigu 'umbilical' hat will do nicely. So, knit on if you're knitting, and have a great morning. Cami


LotusKnits said...

I was a little stunned too that Stephanie talked and knitted at the same time. I can barely do that, and I always look at my knitting, even when watching tv. My brain can only do so many things at once.

Dragonfly said...

Stephanie mentions knitting at the movies too. I can knit prior to the movies starting and maybe during the previews... but once it starts, I can't knit when I can't see!

hope all goes/went well with oral surgery today

camillaknits said...

whacked out, cracked out Cami here: titanium screw to implant in lower jaw bone, $1800. surgical cost fees and anesthesia, $555. Spending a day blissed out on a LOT of percocet and xanax, priceless. Doing okay so far, just a little queasy. Missing my knitting... and most of today. Where did it go? The oral surgeon even sent a big bouquet of flowers to the house... they got here just an hour after I got home. His name is Dr. Potter, and he rocks. I may be over my fear of dentists.

Dragonfly said...

wow, never had a dentist send flowers. I'm slightly amused thinking of what you might turn out if you knit while doped up *grin*