Wednesday, June 13, 2007

For Kathy, since I knew she was coming...

Hey, Kathy, lookie here... thanks for stopping by. These were taken at the Racine zoo, right after the big "Lorna's Laces" adventure... dig into the older posts if you're new here and say hi while you're at it... later, knitters. Cami

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Kathy said...

Hope I can post because I don't have a blog. It is something I have thought of doing but don't think I am computer litterate enough to do.
I love your blog and thanks for the giraffes. I have read all of your entries since April. You are some lady with Lots of irons in the fire.
So you will have a quilt, knitting shop. I think that is great. I used to quilt and I have a good friend in Bloomington that does both so I am sure we will frequent your shop. In fact it will be a good place for us to meet. You can start a knitting group. A daytime meeting place would be great.
Again Thanks for the giraffes and you must tell me more about all the yarn shops of Wisconsin. I am from Wisconsin and go up there at least once a year at Thanksgiving time.