Sunday, June 3, 2007


Here in knitty-ville, I sometimes get a little wrapped up in my somewhat obsessive knitting habit, to the extent that some words lose their regular meaning. Say "yo" and I do not think you are acknowledging me; I think you are talking yourself through a lace pattern. "Tink" used to be Disney's Tinkerbell... that's how Peter Pan adresses her. I hear it (and this happens every time the kids watch said movie) and think, "ugh, poor knitter. At least you're not having to..." Yup. You know what word is next, don't you?

This little tree froggy guy was on our window a few nights ago, having gotten through the giant tear at the bottom of the screen where 'tortie-from-hell' Missy (refer back to my Mother's Day post for details) has been letting herself out of the house when no one pays attention to her. Bill says to me "hey, look at the frog" and... nothing. For a few seconds my mind is reeling. I frantically look down at the knitting in my hands. No glaringly obvious mistakes there. I look up. Perhaps he was commenting on another project. My chest constricts because I remember that all the projects in this room are currently on 2mm needles... size 0... an absolute picnic to frog. Then I look at him, and he's not looking at knitting, but instead pointing at the window. A real frog.

I knew, after the adrenaline rush wore off, that I'd want to write about the wee frog prince, so we coaxed him into a jar for photo-op time. He wasn't a huge fan of flash photography, but we waited till he could see again and re-released him out into the wild. He was a terribly cute fellow (or gal... I don't know how to check) and Eli really enjoyed meeting a tree frog. The last time we had one on the window was the night Eli was born. It was a much smaller frog then, two years ago. Same one, maybe?

I have a real project to frog. It's so big and so involved I want to cry just thinking about it. It has to be done, though Naomi (formerly 'Imoan', but she's giving up her secret identity) has tried to talk me out of it. There will be graphic photos of the ripping process. That way it can be used for educational purposes. You know, in case I have to throw out two hundred bucks worth of sweater. (And that was half off, kids.) I'd like to re-knit it as a big, raglan pullover, using my standard EPS 'in the round' construction. Oh, my, but won't we have a time... Keep knitting until next you hear from me. I may, in a drug-induced stupor, invite a knitty-pal to post, or coerce Bill into blogging for me. Stay tuned and thank you for all the well wishes. I love my peeps. Cami


Dragonfly said...

I told my mom once that I had to frog and she was confused. She then accused me of using young-knitter-slang. *grin*

Annalea said...

Cute frog, Camilla. :o) We have lots of little tree frogs around here, mostly Pacific Tree Frogs and one other unidentifiable species that's smaller. What a fun little discovery. My oldest son recently discovered a frog in his shoe that had been left outside over night to dry. Boy, was he thrilled. ;o)

My prayers are going with you tomorrow . . . good luck.

moreyfam1 said...

Hi, Unfortunately nothing knitting related to add (alas), but I keep hoping...enjoyed your fun blog! Now you can write to lots of us at once!!

I had a frog in my garden clog the other day in the garage. Now I know why I shake them out before inserting my feet!
We are hearing more frogs around here too--and I saw lightning bugs recently in the meadow.

You have seen my "long lost sister" recently--I will see her on Thursday at a Joshua Bell violin concert downtown. It has been forever! Jena