Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Disheveled...the unraveling of Camilla

This was a busy day. Five and a half hours sleep, up at the crack, and (cue coffee...) I'm out the door by 9-ish to meet Destructo-Kenny at the shop for final decisions about trim, how far up the bead board would go (8 ft.,btw), and where he was building the point-of-sale. "General contractor" items discussed, we then went to address an electrical "issue" which he felt would require someone with more finesse (which I took to mean "someone who can handle getting the hell zapped out of themselves").

While in that third room back, we talked about possibly only bringing the wood four foot up the walls. As he tried to convince me it'd look just fine, I was running my hand over the wall paper border (ugly, btw) and snagged a corner to peel away. Lord love a duck, wouldn't you know the wall was rotted. The only thing holding it up was the damn wall paper... and perhaps the paint. I called the 'landlady' and her husband came downstairs immediately and began searching for a cause to the now-obvious, er, problem. The problem called "Cami has put her hand through a moldy, rotting mess of wallboard, and , lookie, the brick back here ain't doin' so hot, neither". THAT problem.

Well, there was a lot more we needed to accomplish, and with all the chaos I'd just caused, you know, uncovering a major "structural defect" and all , off we trot to the big box construction store. I'm still borrowing Lurker Christie's spouse at this point. Ha! You did not know that? Yes. I frequently borrow Other People's Husbands to do my bidding (and I am not a bit ashamed... it's all in the interest of keeping Bill/'Boris' alive). Dashing through the store, a little short on time, over to trim we go, spending lots of dimes. Okay. Enough. I apologize for that little outburst, but stay with me... the ride gets cooler at the end.

So, list of crap, er, 'construction materials' to have delivered... check. Release friend's husband back into the wild... check. Go home to find the love of my life done homeschooling four of five kids and sit down to his cooking (pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, and Greek-style green beans)... check. Whoa. Back up...did you see that? *omg*theupsmanhasbeentomyhouse*AND he brought fabric. Eleven boxes full. All stacked semi-neatly in the entryway. It was better than Christmas... it was Amy Butler and Heather Bailey. I shut up for over a minute... okay, I stopped running my lips for a GOOD thirty five seconds. When the Fed-Ex truck pulled up later this afternoon I nearly passed out from the shock of it all. The Louet order came in, or at least 40 of the 46 colors I ordered.

It was a strange, complicated, mess of a day, but it got better. Now I'm gonna rock this sweet-smelling toddler to sleep and work on the kal. I named it 'Vapes', short for Vapor, short for "invisibility shawl". Pretty much out of sheer laziness. I'm out, muh knittas... let's do it again tomorrow. (except the gross wall thing... no more, please.) C-Knitty


Dragonfly said...

Please don't totally unravel, I like you all in your regular semi-tangled mess, not totally undone *tease*

Oh, I'm so jealous of the yarn delivery (sorry, fabric isn't my thing yet). You've got to take pictures of all the yumminess!

Not so jealous of the rotten wall, ugh! Glad the landlords came right away. Do they pay for that repair? I hope!

I'm sorry, I don't have a hubby for you to borrow even for the sake of 'Boris'

Knitta out! -Miss V

knitter in the desert said...

well, I would be excited about the fabric.....and the yarn

so gansta style... knitta out, D-fly.....

well I'm off to watch Myhbusters and knit.....
good nite!

LotusKnits said...

You had me at 'muh knittahs'. LOL!

I can't believe you got so much fabric and yarn in one day! Amy Butler! The dirty little things I'd do for her fabrics. I's kinda cool, sure.

And I'm jonesin' for the Louet. No fair.

melly~ said...

'sup my nittah? :D
have to say the good in your day FAR outweighs the bad, Cami. So there's major structrual damage to your store, so you spent a lot of dollars at Lowe's and you had to COOK! -lol-
BUT you got Heather Bailey sittin' in your living room.
I cannot WAIT to see your treasures!

Marigold said...

I've got to say, can I borrow your husband? He schools the kids, he cooks supper, wonderful! Mine's good at computer games... ;)