Friday, June 22, 2007

Completely unrelated to knitting

See this little dude? He's trying to kill me. Oh, sure, he's pictured here at his grandpa & grandma's house looking all cute. Do not be deceived. This day has been hell, sheer, unadulterated, sulphur stink and singed hair HELL, and this little devil was just part of the battle. You see, we had to go into town and wait on the phone/DSL installer to show up, just part of trying to get Clementine's open for business before the cash bleeds dry. I talked to all the kids, told them what was expected, and, confident in my parenting skills, away we went.

The installer took a bit longer than estimated to show up, but the demo-guy had stopped by to get a materials list together for the 'reconstruction', so there was plenty to keep me busy, what with telling him what walls to bust out and all. After lunch (we're still waiting for our 9-11am phone dude to show) it just became unbearable to be this little man's mom... though not as unbearable as being this guy's mom:

I realize that a few of you will have seen this photo if you've popped over to Bill's blog, (in which he rails and rants about the kids ceaselessly)but to take another picture of him I'd have to look at him, and quite frankly the xanax hasn't kicked in fully yet, so no can do. He shoved and was rude to a dear friend of mine, (Bette, if you're reading this, I am so sorry for his behavior)was louder and more obnoxious than I have ever dreamed he could be, and just generally made me feel like a disaster of a mother. The normal things I do to correct and discipline just don't seem to get through to this guy, and I'm pretty burnt out on boys right now. I'm putting the kids to bed in less than two hours, then I'm casting on my 'Invisibility Shawl' for the KAL Lotusknitter and I are trying to bring forth into existence. Comment or e-mail us if you want to play along... the more the merrier, and book 7 is just a month away! Prayers for my sanity are welcomed and appreciated. BTW, I got an e-mail response from Annalea, whom we haven't heard in the comments for a few weeks. She is alive, but dealing with something, so good, knitterly thoughts go out to her. I love all you knitters; thanks for sticking out my rant. Better now, I think, though that could just be the xanax talking! Later, knitty-gators. Cami


melly~ said...

good thing they're cute, huh?
Here's hoping tomorrow dawns as be-nice-to-mommy day! :)

Dragonfly said...

I've had plenty of days like that, but mostly they pass.

btw, had to tell you that my sister is totally jealous that I met you and wants her own crazy knitting lady that makes her sign up for things like KALs *grin*

camillaknits said...

awww...I'm so glad to BE your crazy knitting lady,erpbeepa. have her join us... force her if you have to... fling some laceweight or sock yarn at her. I say fling 'cuz I know you can't touch the stuff. maybe take in an umbrella and womp her with it, whiffle-ball style. I bet that would get you totally thrown out of Ruhama's, but Loop-chick might be down with it... just explain the lanolin thing. Melly, are you and Frankenfinger signed up?

Jaye said...

Hi Camilla, I am commenting on your post to my blog (, but I want to say that when my dude is a terror I say: "I have two words for you bud: BOARDING SCHOOL", then I give him some food, put him in his room and have a Mommy time-out.

Re: the Flowering Snowball. You wrote "hey there, quilty-mama! I have a question about a photo down the posts a bit, the 'flowering snowball'? Is that a pattern from 'That Patchwork Place' "Creative Quilt Collection, vol.2"? Because your's is way cooler looking, and I've wanted to do some curved piecing for awhile, but can't find any other pattern that approaches the wow-factor of yours. the one in the book is set with sashing squares... (haven't committed to purchase the thing yet... will wait to hear from you)" I have no knowledge of this pattern being in a That Patchwork Place book, so I can't comment. I sort of detail how I came to be making that pattern. If you search my blog for Cross Block, you will find all the posts. The short version is that I saw a quilt with the pattern and took a picture of the quilt. Recently I came across the photo again and became enamoured with it. I started trying to draft it and had a bit of trouble. I brought it up on a couple of lists and was pointed to Barbara Brackman's book "The Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns," where it is pictured. It is number 3081 in that book. I was, later, able to find it in Blockbase, the Electric Quilt version of the book. I ended up printing the patterns from the computer and it is all gravy since then. I am happy to send you the templates if you send me an e-mail with your e-mail through my website

Annalea said...

Yep, I'm still alive . . . Thanks for reassuring everyone about it. :o)

Good luck, and here's to a better day tomorrow . . .