Monday, June 18, 2007

There aren't words...

This little bit of heaven in a great big box arrived today, just as we were leaving to go sign the store lease. Two expensive and thrilling things in one day. I have lost my words. You have to know that the yarns pictured above look far more luminous in person, er, skein. (note to self: yarn is not people) I have absolutely no idea if anyone else will love "Dream in Color" yarns like I do, but if this whole 'being a shopkeeper' thing bellyflops, just look at the gorgeous stash I've added.
I have two jingle-y keys to the shop now, and am taking suggestions about such things as seating, lighting and sound system, and exactly what bevs should be in the fridge, aside from Rhonda's Pepsi stash. I'm off now to make a boatload of pasta salad and homemade mac&cheese for a pool bash tomorrow. Knit on, knitters. Cami


Dragonfly said...

pretty pretty shiny shiny!!! Those are beautiful!

Now you need to take a picture of 66 Sweater Lane. I know it's "street" but "lane" appeals to me today.

LotusKnits said...

Woohoo! I love Dream in Color! So much fun.

Grats on officially being in your shop! I can't wait to see pictures.

Seating: lots, and call the Harlot :D

OR! Coffee shop style, small and intimate. Drinks need to include Starbucks and Diet Coke and snacks should be rice krispy treats. And whatever everyone else wants. hehe.

Dragonfly said...

ooh, if it was coffee shop style with room for comfy knitting, you would have trouble kicking me out.

camillaknits said...

Ladies, I am so two secs ahead... went to furn. store and scoped out some fabu chairs in which to sit&knit in. The little upholstered rock-swivel chairs in a notyergranny's fabric. Looking for the best deal, and will have bigger chairs for bigger girls. I have to have SOMEwhere to park too. I'm doing the free brewed (Starbucks) and a 'treat-a-day' fresh from the AGA. My 'petit pain au chocolats' made the front page of the local rag a few years back...I rock the baking thing. And sour jellybelly beans, and oh, I'm right by a coffeehouse with a bakery inside. They have about 14 kinds of, when you guys moving here? *wink* Cami

Annalea said...

Oh man. If I'm ever out your way, you can bet I'm stopping by. ;o) I adore Dream in Color yarn (there are two skeins of Smooshy in my stash begging me to knit them). I'm dreaming of the day I can save enough pennies to knit an entire sweater out of their worsted yarn. (That is, after I lose another twenty pounds or so. That'll save me at least one skein. lol)

My favorite LYS has a couple of very overstuffed minty-celery-green love seat-sized sofas & a coffee table near the door (equally convenient for waiting husbands/muggles or for knitting the hours away), and an old & worn dining table that seats ten further back in the store for classes & the Tuesday UFO night.

Take it from me--things like classes, a knitting group, regular sales, and other fun stuff like that which keep sales going. My LYS ( is a lovely place to be, mostly because the owner herself is absolutely lovely. Good hearted and caring, and loves to see people made happy through their craft. I wish you could see her shop.

Good luck, and I can't wait to see pictures!

moreyfam1 said...

The yarn is amazing and lovely! We will have to stop by and see things next time we are over that way! I know that Dani and Lexi will be hoping you offer classes at your store. They will want me to leave them with the cousins so they can attend them all! Kudos! Jena

Crystal said...

The yarn is pretty too.

PlazaJen said...

oooooo, there are some skeins winking at me and singing a little siren song RIGHT NOW. How purty!
Thanks for the comment on my blog, I appreciate it! :)

Kathy said...

What a shop you will have. Can't wait to see it!