Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Coming to Terms

Our heroine's addiction was fueled today by a surprise visit from one of the fabric dudes. Clementine was in total control, in a rather, "I don't require your wares, serf" sort of way, when Mr. Fred pulled from his sample case a cloth covered in cupcakes, nickle-sized, on a black background... and then he showed it with a pink background, too. So, coordinating micro-dots were purchased, and then some froggy fabric got in the mix, and before you know it, there was a list. That's not even the best part. She mentions to Mr. Fred how much she longs for the new Heather Bailey collections, but as a Very Small Shop, in a Very Small Town, the usual purchasing terms are prohibitive, and had he ever heard of them doubling the repayment length? Oh, ho! The nerve of that woman. Mr. Fred says he's going to do some checking and so we shall find out soon enough.

That is enough for now. The kids are cleaning the upstairs in preparations for the paternal grandparents visit, a mere four days from now. I'll be in the Xanax bottle if you need me. C


melly~ said...

hang tight darlin' melly is coming with sweet treats for you.
is there room in that bottle for two?

Thimbleanna said...

Cupcakes??? Did we mention cupcakes??? Will they be there upon my arrival??? You know I love me a good cupcake fabric!!!

Robin said...

Oh Dear is beeuutiful cupcake fabric! I was there to control the little shop mistress but did get to put my two-cents worth in. I guess I'm going to have to start sewing as I'm collecting a nice fabric stash again - but only small projects - the back does not do sewing machines well. I inquired how long you were going to stay with us this time and am told that you might be with us for an "afternoon". I need to clear my calendar when you decide the date.
Always, Robin