Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sneaking in a blog-meet

Saturday is coming to a close, and it's been a busy one. I meant to post yesterday, but the baking of croissants waits for no woman, and by the time I got to a good ending spot, it was half-past two, the dough wasn't acting right, and as I have no access to the alarm clock, was forced to scrawl a note to Herr Becher to please wake me. He promptly did, three and a half hours after I came to bed. It was all worth it, though, because today was a chance to have a super-fun and crafty chica come and play with us at the shop. It was just a perfect day of chatting up Miss Thimbleanna, knitting, hanging out with the crafty vixens, and, of course, pie. But for some icing on the cake of the day, Thimbleanna brought me a present... a very smart and snappy goodie, filled with chocolate, and emblazoned with my name across it... also in chocolate. (I heart it... thank you sooo much. It's so pretty!)

It has already taken up residence in my 'knitting' bag (only took four tries for Lands' -we put our apostrophe in the wrong place on purpose to drive you mad-End to get it correct. I have three this color that say 'books' on them). Filled with knitting gew-gaws and emergency sugar rations, it plans to just cavort around in there looking adorable. I'd say that it probably caught the cute-bug (disguised as a bee, seen in this photo, below) from The Thimbleanna herself, but she might think I'm being sappy and come back through town to smack me in the head. The woman has mad skilz, mad, wondrous, crazy sewing skills, and her knitting isn't to be mocked, either. Those socks will eventually be done, simultaneously no less, and then may the Mockery begin. Oh, yeah... I may have contaminated her, too. Soon the Mockery will take over the world! Oh, dear. I've gone and let my evil plan out of the knitting bag...

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig. If the Mockery sock and I are to get everyone knitting, we have to get busy. Probably a giant furball on the project will have to be tape-rollered off. Also, I'm getting the sense that this may be slowing down the 'Clap'. Must make note to look into the possiblility of knitting black holes being instigated by felines. This one in particular growls if you attempt to access the knitting.

It was such a perfectly lovely day, and to top it all off, I get to stay home tomorrow and have a knitting marathon in front of the television. I may even work a nap into the schedule, as well. I'll just keep my lil' bumblebee bag well stocked with 'round counters' and knit myself silly.

a post-script about the upstairs loo. Problem resulted from the typical "one kid doesn't flush properly, the next one is booby-trapped" event my chirruns are so prone to. Fancy fixtures are a menace... just say no to pull-handle flushers (it's a "pull up" lever) and yes, I'm still considering a.)nailing the door shut, and b.)how they can be so 'duh' about indoor plumbing.
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Stephanie said...

Ohhh....jealousy. I love the cute knit bag. Heavy sigh.....why do you live so far away?

As for the toilet fiasco....we had some flushing problems with our last one. We bought the biggest, baddest flusher available. (you can flush a softball down it and it won't clog) and it has a water jet to help the flushing action. I learned the hard way when Connor flushed a medallion necklace I had and it perfectly clogged the pipe. You might want to look into a super flusher :) That way it isn't as likely to "back up" if ya know what I mean.

Have fun with your knit-a-thon tomorrow. I am just hoping to stay sane.

VeeDogKnitter said...

Oh wow, nothing like a growling Siamese to make you stand up straight, spin on your heel, and get the hell out of there. Yes, i have had my ass kicked once or twice by my aunts Siamese. The name "Tobias" will always be sinister to me.
LOVE the cute little bags!!! Aren't crafty friends just the best????

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for such a super day -- the oasis in my weekend of moving!!! I had a FANTASTIC time -- You guys are HYSTERICAL (speaking of which, in the picture of those cute shoes a few posts back, their name isn't showing??? Hahahah!!!) I don't know how you do it all -- I'm in awe. I'll save the rest of my raving for my post when I get home! You and your peeps are AWESOME!!!

brigette said...

darling knitting bag... you make me want to learn to knit! my neighbor has cancer. she went bald. she couldn't eat anything (what to do for her? i couldn't feed her!) so my friend melissa spun some yarn for me and gave me a round needle and showed me how to knit a hat. i brought that soft, fuzzy, hat over to my neighbor. she did a great job not laughing hysterically. it was the ugliest hat in the world. if there were an ugly hat contest, it would surely win!!! oh well, i tried!