Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wild Kingdom

I actually got to sew this morning before heading into town. Granted, it was minimally invasive patchwork, but the piecing went together easily and well, and I look forward to sewing more tomorrow, since it'll be a "home day". We might have to venture out for food, in which case I'll bother to buy myself a new crappy iron. I'm notorious for dropping them, which is why I can't pay more than thirty bucks for one. No new Rowenta in my future, but as I'm just a patchworker who overdoses on spray sizing, a steam iron is wasted on me anyhow.

Miss Melly came in today for more bag fabric. It seems she's on a bag stitching bender, and can't heap the abuse high enough. Well, that and she knew I needed me some Melly. After she took off in her pretty red convertible, my day started slowing way down. The kids were all on fire in the shop, and me without my tranquilizer darts... dammit. My one faithful sock student showed up with a completed sock, and the other is being 'magic looped'. It was interesting, though somewhat hard to concentrate, what with looking for Marlin Perkins to arrive any minute to corral the kids. Herr Becher finally did (I sure miss Marlin Perkins)and closing up shop was peaceful. As was the chocolate cone I got for dinner on the way home. Now, I'm off to knit on the 'Clapotis'... the final ball begins now.

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Thimbleanna said...

Happy Anniversary! You didn't forget the one-week anniversary of our get together did you? And Miss Melly came in and it wasn't even a Thursday -- she must REALLY love you!