Saturday, July 5, 2008

Objects in mirror...

Last week I was having a rush-around morning, and as I was barreling towards town, radio cranked up loud, I caught the slightest movement in my peripheral vision. Hello, Mr. Train. Fancy a snog? I have learned my lesson, and I do not have infallible breaks, so the volume is lower, and the pace a bit slower, even on rush-around mornings. Oh, I lost count at seventy cars. (It were a big'un.)

A new taste was acquired this past week. Miss G loaned me two seasons of t.v. to knit by, and threw in some viciously hot chocolate. This one has hot pepper seeds in it, and it's actually great for setting off a flood of endorphins. I bought a Lindt and tried their version of chili chocolate... this one hurts more. Thanks, Gaylen. I'm already on bar two, and am torn between hating Target for being so homogenized and loving them for the very same reason.

Someone finally brought in a birdie sling when I had the camera with me. This was done for an elderly aunt, and so is not in 'Amy Butler' fabric, but the cut of this bag is wonderful. I have more patterns on order, as the first eight were gone in less than two weeks. Another customer made this bag in some of the 'Lotus' collection fabrics, and it looked amazing, in red, blue, and gray, with bits of chartreuse tossed in for good measure. Fool-proof and fabulous.
Well, the Becher Brats are decidedly noisy, and as it's after ten now, I have to go be the troll under the billy-goats' bridge. Herr Becher has an early morning tomorrow and sleep needs to happen around here. (No, not for me... laundry and kitchen cleaning await my ministrations, and some knitting on Clap, if the meds take awhile to kick in.)
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gaylen said...

Oh that is a beautiful bag. Just another to add to my never ending list. Glad you like the chocolate - are you liking the tv? g

Annalea said...

A snog, huh? Pray tell . . . ;o)

I've got to try that chocolate . . . I love chocolate, and I do love hot hot hot food. The two together? Hadn't thought of it until now. Good thing Target is only 20 minutes from here . . . ;o)

Robin said...

What was the knit TV? I keep looking for a few new shows on PBS that I've heard of, but none seem to be on our stations. Knitty Gritty is on at 5:30 AM so I see those only on DVR and almost all re-runs. Any reviews of knit TV?
Always, Robin

Stephanie said...

I've had chocolate with chili in it...but nothing that hurts. I might have to find it. I love food that burns. Talk about a rush! WOOHOO!!

I love that bag. One of these days I will have to get out my sewing machine. I miss it. I need a space to set it up though and that's hard to come by in the house!

melly~ said...

can't wait to make my own birdie bag! love, love, love the pattern!
the fiery chocolate? not so much. ;)

hope to see you soon, knittah.