Monday, July 28, 2008

The tip of the iceberg

You know how sometimes you start on one thing (a quilt, for instance), and then you remember that you bought something to do a similar project, but you can't remember exactly which stash bin, in which closet, it's in? So, you go rummaging around and you do indeed find the five packets of charm squares, with their matched-up yardage, but you're missing an important element, so you hot-foot it into town (calling Rob to meet you so the crazy has a witness), and instead of pulling it all together, you end up with more bits and pieces?
Exhibit A: Three different "charm quilts" in the larval stage.

Exhibit B: Two yards of hot pink and lime green batik that threw themselves at me as I stood at the cutting table, chatting to Neppie, minding my own beeswax... the other batiks were languishing in the bottom of a bin in the closet. Now I have serious yardage, to make something eye scorching and impressive... except I just happened to buy a kiwi-green zipper today, too. Could be meat, could be cake...
Exhibits C&D: Once upon a time I fell in love with jelly-rolls. Those cute, clever rounds of pre-cut fabric that are so enchanting to the speedy string quilter. They fall to pieces when you play with them, and they get really ugly if you wad them up, hurriedly, to make a mess 'go away' because your in-laws are coming, or you don't want the cat sleeping on them a third afternoon. Anyway, everyone knows about my peeve with Moda fabrics not staying in production, so when I saw these two luvvies on the bolt (top of photo), I bought all that was left. The scrunched up bits are the jelly roll that hasn't morphed yet.

Then, I apparently had a stroke, as you can see from the pile in the bottom of the photo. I'm the biggest bah-humbug ever, but that, my friends, is Christmas fabric. Charm squares and yardage. Enough for a holiday nap quilt. For when I'm in the nursing home, because of my stroke, which I suffered buying Christmas fabric. This is where I'd also tell you about the four yards of pom-pom fringe I bought to embellish something, except I'm not that girl, and if it does indeed make it into a quilt, I'm not signing the back. (It was also lime green.)
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Robin said...

It was a treat...watching Madam at a "different" fabric store. I helped keep an eye on the five Becher offspring, Eli carrying his Hot Wheels encyclopedia around, Maddie & Mitch lost in their HP books and Joe & Lilly "walking backwards" around the store. I was good - only bought 1/2 yd of batik ginko leaf fabric! (Mmm Mmm good). Then on to JoAnn's for zippers where the chirruns got fuzzy posters. (Watch out for all those markers Bill) I felt a little tired when I arrived home (wonder why?) and then put my hand in my pocket only to find Eli's sucky! OMG I hope they have another one as I can attest to his "fits" when he gets tired and needs something to soothe the soul. A good time with the Becher family - always interesting! Later knittas...

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow Woman -- get thee into the sewing room! Those fabrics are fabulous and we need to see what you are concoting with them. Loved Robin's comment -- what a girl!