Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Little bits

Ahh, Tuesday. This is what I won't be doing today, but the sample quilt has hit a wall (creatively speaking... I didn't actually throw it), so a little time away is a good thing.

Instead, Monday Mandi is coming over this afternoon with her chirruns to watch over the Becher chirruns and keep everyone alive so Herr Becher and I can escape to a flick and a quiet dinner alone. I may possibly faint over the excitement. We haven't been out together since my birthday (Thanks, Melly!), and that was in March.

I had another ranty-pants post scheduled for today, but if Other People are going to be in my haus, I must vacuum and make beds and do all those other things that normal people do to not embarrass themselves because they are not gerbils and don't live out of laundry baskets, with wet towels on the bathroom floor, and little bits of chopped up paper everywhere because the three year old is learning how to use scissors. I'm exhausted just thinking about it, so I'd better get busy.
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Tam in Columbus said...

Wait a minute. Are you trying to say that there are people who do NOT live out of laundry baskets?? Who don't have wet towels all over the bathroom floor 24/7? Who do not have to walk through snow drifts of cut up paper in most of the rooms of their houses? Who are those people?? All of the above certainly DOES occur in my house. I thought that WAS normal. Sheesh.