Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Out of my tree

Busy day, not sure where to begin, but the brownies and 'contraband' Robin brought in eased the transition back to work-a-day readiness. Herr Becher had to work over-time today, so no "kid-free Wednesday" at the shop for me. Xanax was consumed, I may have gotten a bit shrill at the seven year old, and, as LeAnn is my witness, I didn't choke anyone until they passed out, though I'm sure a jury of my peers would have found me blameless if they'd heard the shenanigans in the back room towards the end of the day.

We're all home safely now, and I've gotten everyone kicked off the computer long enough to post, but the smell of sulfur is in my nose, so I know they are lurking. As reigning Mother of the Year, I'm also letting them eat cereal and ice-cream for dinner. It's how we roll on tough days, and it keeps my tiara shiny. Today was also Eli's first day back in cloth diapers, and it went well. Herr Becher even delivered the little man to the shop in a 'Monkey Doodlez' all-in-one dipe. Got them from here and it was speedy-quick, and the dipes are fabulous. I almost wish I had a tinier child in diapers, because they've come a long way from when we first started out in 1995, and the fun colors make even the curmudgeon who is Eli a willing participant at changing time.

Melly has finished her bag stitching marathon, but was in need of ice-cream afterwards, so there's probably a traumatic, behind-the-scenes story there. Once the sting has worn off. She called to give me another "you were right", and I didn't even gloat (this time); she'll probably post a photo. Maybe.

Tomorrow I'll have photos of the newest yarns to arrive at Clementine's. Classic Elite's summer sock yarns have begun to pour in, and the Queens of the 56 Stitch Socks have graduated to smaller needles... and more stitches. Taking over the world, one sock knitta at a time... it's what I do. Latah, crafty mommas. C


gaylen said...

Thank you. I promise I won't be arriving on your door stop with bags and a dirty, stinky, drooly, hillbilly dog anytime soon.

You rock - you need to add long distance counselor to your list of titles. g

Thimbleanna said...

Yo. I think you're tellin' tales on those little cherubs of yours. They were perfect. PERFECT. the day I was there, so I'm not believin' your story of shenanigans in the back. You can definitely get me to do more stitches than 56, but I'm NOT going back to that size 0 -- I'm LOVIN' the size 1 -- I can't believe the difference -- it seems like it's 10 sizes bigger. Could be the yarn too I guess!