Monday, July 21, 2008

New Shoes

Yesterday ended up being a washout, creatively speaking. Late in the afternoon we had quite a little storm rip through, taking our power with it. Herr Becher gave in and fired up the generator around eleven p.m., which required him to make a fuel run. Finally, with power restored to the well pump and refrigeration units, we got to sleep. Everything came back on this morning at four on the dot, just in time for him to be up and ready for work. Air-conditioning rocks... I'm soaking up as much as possible after being out in the heat this evening.

Tomorrow is RedRhonda's official thirty-twelve birthday, but tonight was her birthday outing. The plan was to go see Batman, but by sevenish on a Monday, it was sold out. So much for the IMAX experience. We saw 'Hancock' instead. It didn't disappoint, and who doesn't want to look at some Will Smith for a few hours? The only drawback was my new shoes. Got them on clearance from Hanna Anderson, and they are super cute. They are ginger-pink Mary Jane "clogs", and they kill my fat little feet. Being a woman who will suffer for beauty, and somewhat convinced I didn't need to feel the toes on my right foot, I wore the new arrivals out this evening. Then, some stupid man goes and sits, in a practically empty theater, one seat in front and to the side of me, taking up my swollen foot propping spot. I did not dare to remove the shoe, knowing I could never get it back on (after the salty steak I'd eaten for dinner), so I sat and enjoyed the movie while my toes tried to die.

This story would seem very pointless indeed, except for this one little thing. Due to Swedish people having, apparently, some freakishly flat feet, the ankle straps on adult women's shoes are engineered to only fit ten year old children, so I made an adaptation. Using a matching double-faced satin ribbon and the fuzzy side of an adhesive velcro-dot, I made a bow to hide the unused portion of the closure. Sure, I spent the evening looking like an over-weight Flamenco dancer, but I got a compliment on my rockin' cute shoes, right after the movie, while Red ("can't hold her Coke") was in the loo. I'll show them off another day, because the ribbon trick was a spot of brilliance on my part. I should have made Red a card, but there's just so much crafty to go around in a day. Now, my g&t is wearing off, so it's time for bed. Later, crafty mommas. C

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