Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The tart shells just came out of the oven, the roasted and sugared rhubarb is cooling, the juices are reducing in the simmering oven, and the cream cheese filling is chilling in the fridge. Rhubarb tarts are about to happen, though I can't put the pics up tonight, as they won't be assembled until morning. Not coincidentally, the light will be much better then, too.

Tonight was the second 'knit-night' I've skipped this month. The plan is to only have it once a month, on the third Tuesday evening. The scant attendance since the weather turned decent makes for many a wasted trip. I figure once Labor Day rolls around again I can add another late night, but for now, having another night with the man is a pretty sweet deal. Mandi has Mondays under control, and we've decided to start having "Second Sundays". The second Sunday of the month will be an extra day Clementine's will be open, with an open house (this means baked goods and Red's "crack punch"...don't ask. It's fabulous.) and special sales on super-secret items. If prodded (ooh, dirty!) to do so, there might even be door-prizes. Yes, you read it here first. It all begins 'officially' today, July 1, but as always, special hours can be had by appointment as well. You have only to ask and ye shall receive. (I just threw the 'ye' in to freak my Melly... )

Okay, I have to get back to the man, the cooling yumminess, and something like being lazy on the sofa with a book until I get sleepy (ie: the meds kick in). You go be you, and do something crafty. I have a bar of hot pepper chocolate (courtesy of Miss G, the stunt-stitcher) that has been calling my name ever since I took the first nibble. Now I have two back-up bars, and we also picked up a Lindt version today at Target... not as hot as the Frey, but you definitely feel the warmth as it melts down your throat. (I do like me some sexy chocolate.) Latah, mommas.


veedogknitter said...

ohhh, is the hot pepper chocolate as good as the bacon chocolate bar? I have not tried it yet, but jennsylvania (Bitter is the New Black, Such a Pretty Fat) swears by it...and one time she showed pics of it on her blog, and i almost licked my laptop screen.

Anonymous said...

What time on "Second Sunday" huh? Need to know!

Ooooo, by the way, my Yarn Love sock yarn is just too beautiful to un-skein. I just sit around and admire it. :-P