Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Faces at Clementine's

Getting into town a bit early left me time to pick up these lovlies: "Pinot Grigio" hibiscus. The full sun has fried my brain, and I will admit tropical bevs might be on my mind,as well.

Here's the Denyse Schmidt fabrics that arrived yesterday. Full-on cheater quilt is wating to happen, probably with the pink leaf fabric for the back.

I am seldom seduced by comical fabrics,but the cow snouts totally threw me off guard. The eggs are darling, and the barnyard print is just for grins. Super-cute for kids' lounge pants, quilt back, crib sheets, and anything else you might need to cowboy up.

The Japanese invasion continues with this stylized wave fabric in indigo. The white version has been a popular choice for people who paint their own colors on, but some of the yardage on this bolt has already been tapped for a corset and a 'storm at sea' quilt.

Now I have to get back to my knitting. The Mockery sock requested I play 'Jane's Addiction', since it's a slow day. I'm off to enjoy the live version of "Jane Says" and the comfort of the glider rocker. Such a contradiction.
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gaylen said...

The yarns are pretty. What kind of strange concoction is making up lunch today? g

Stephanie said...

Oh my. I haven't listened to Jane's Addiction in years :) I don't even have a cd of them. Just tapes...and I don't think I have a tape player in the whole damn house! LOL!!! Time to "get with the times" I guess.

The fabric is gorgeous, as usual. *sigh* why are you trying to tempt me into quilting? Why, why WHY??? I have enough crafts as it is. So stop it.