Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I think it's Tuesday

Tonight is knit-night, as we've taken it down to just one evening a month. Gas prices being a huge pain, and the summer, super-busy craziness everyone's engaged in conspired to make me alter my knitting behaviors. It'll be a good one, though, and I hope if you're local, or find yourself suddenly consumed with an intense desire to hot-foot it to Franklin, Indiana, come on in. I'll be unlocking the door six-ish, with mayhem to commence immediately.

Mandi informs me we may have the opportunity to make a raffle quilt, but due to the lack of a "head's up" from The Church, it'll be a thrown-together affair. Soooo, later this evening, as we sit around playing in the shop, color planning will be on the agenda (ooh, sounds serious, dunnit?), and I've already got an interesting plan for a pseudo-Amish quilt, using the bright 'rock candy' frosted prints. Might work, more likely will be a disaster. Only a sample block (or four) will tell. Must go off to sleep now. Two trips into town, party-prep, and having a wonderful time with most excellent people have made me a very tired Madam. And I got not one darn picture... as usual. I'll be losing a lot when my mind starts to go. No photographic evidence might have been a good thing this time around, though! G'night, all ye knittas.


gaylen said...

Other than the fact that there are always unfortunate images of me (you) have you considered giving the camera to one of the youngsters? You would have great photographic evidence. Glad to hear you had a nice party - so wish that I could have been there! g

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- you're going to be tired -- two knit-"nights" in one week LOL!