Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Parrot head,er... foot

Today was mani/pedi morning, with an emphasis on the pedi. Twenty percent off boutique items lead to the acquisition of these guys... and who doesn't want a bit of macaw underfoot?

This is an "old" baby quilt (Eli's, from three years ago) which will be replicated soon as a shop sample. I just haven't gotten around to slicing up the fabrics yet. Black/whites, or Oriental prints, or Amy Butler... simple quilt, endless possibilities.
Another view of 'endless possibilities', on the knitting book rack in the back hall of Becher Haus. Startitis is upon me, though I am knitting the toe of the first 'Mockery' sock tonight... just as soon as I tink back the first two decrease rounds. Somehow my brain tried to invert the direction of the toe decreases, because I thought it would look better. Anyone want to chime in? Yes, you are correct. My middling intellect finally deduced that toes are observed from the top or bottom, and rarely from the side, so reversing the shaping (ssks and k2togs swapped about), while entertaining and whimsical (and a darn good brain-teaser for the seasoned sock knitter), was a big disappointment. Not that I won't be tempted to try it again, perhaps on a sock with more 'meat' between front and back, say, four stitches between decreases instead of two.

In the meantime, I have another 'Mockery' to knit, and the haus is getting back to a normal rhythm since Herr Becher's parents have headed home. This means no more nice, clean kitchen floor, or sorted toy buckets, or folded laundry. Luckily, I have a high tolerance for wrinkled clothes, the toys are upstairs, hidden from view, and the floor only needs washed if you stick to it... that's why we went with barn boards anyway.
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Stephanie said...

Your polka dotted toes are so cute :)

gaylen said...

I'm with Steph - your polka dotted toes at fabulous!

As for showing more ink - I don't have anymore. Although I am toying with idea of getting a daisy chain around my ankle.

Sock decreases won't work reversed even with more meat between the decreases - don't ask how I know :\